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  • Blog Post: Sweet Spot Baby Names: Romy, Francis and Quinn

    starting to fade for both girls and boys, but is still in heavy use. Francis – There was a boomlet

  • Fameberry: Francis Jonathan

    Ashley Jensen

  • Fameberry: Tommy Francis

    Michelle Monaghan

  • Fameberry: Fianna Francis

    Danny Masterson & Bijou Phillips

  • Fameberry: Yeshna Francis Neil

    Sinead O'Connor

  • Fameberry: Colin Francis (Triplet)

    Kevin James

  • List: If You Like Edward, You Might Love...

    Francis, Louis, Eduardo, George, Hugh, Patrick, Edmund, William, Ward, Henry, Eamon, Elliot, Timothy, Julian, Frederic, Edward

  • User List: Middle Names

    Anne, Francis, Matthew, James, Patrick, Jean

  • List: Papal Names

    , John, Julius, Lando, Leo, Linus, Lucius, Francis, Marcellus, Marcus, Martin, Nicholas, Paul, Peter

  • User List: Favorite Names

    Jonah, Gretel, Luke, Ruth, Francis, Henry, Tim, John, Constance, Jeanette, June, Francis, Joesph, Ruby, Brianne, Adeline, Nora, Zoe, Grace

  • Blog Post: French Names: New Wave Classics

    which had a profound influence on such later American directors as Martin Scorese, Francis Ford

  • Blog Post: The “F” Names: They’re few and far between

    in such variations as Fannie, Fanny, Francis, Francisca and Frankie, and there were three spellings

  • List: Boy Names ALWAYS in the Top 1000

    , Moses, Matthew, William, Robert, Alfred, Adam, Nicholas, Martin, Donald, Andrew, Arthur, Francis

  • List: Cool Baby Names That Start With F

    , Fleur, Franca, Fran, Frederica, Freya, Fritzi, Farrell, Fergus, Ferris, Field, Finian, Fio, Fitz

  • User List: Reign Character Names

    Claude, Catherine, Eilidh, Francis, Greer, Kenna, Leith, Lola, Louis, Mary, Sebastian, Stephan

  • User List: My Favorite Boy Names

    Arthur, Benjamin, Colin, Connor, David, Eli, Elias, Elliot, Ezra, Finn, Francis, Henry, Ian, Joseph, Kieran, Leo, Louis, Lucas, Miles

  • List: Baby Names Headed for Harvard

    , Louisa, Margaret, Frances, Claire, Ruth, Helen, Constance, Parker, Francis, Anderson, Alcott, Walker

  • List: Middle Names for Boys

    , Thomas, Neil, Paul, Francis, Xavier, True, Grey, Lee, Robert, Ray, Wolf, Flynn, Dash, Finn, Kai, Justice, Story, Henry, Oscar

  • User List: Normal Boys

    Drake, Elliott, Finn, Francis, Gabriel, Henry, Isaac, Jody, Jude, Lawrence, Flynn, Christian, Clark, Robin, Kirk, Julius, Roman, Julian, Ash

  • User List: Rebeccas fave boy names

    Caleb, Charlie, Elliot, Francis, Harrison, Henry, Jordan, Julian, Luke, Nathan, Oliver, Peter, Sebastian, Stephen, Theodore, Wesley, Zachary

  • User List: Current Boy Favorites

    Aaron, Aidan, Bennett, Colin, Edmond, Evan, Felipe, Felix, Francis, Frederick, Griffin, Jamie

  • List: Classic Baby Names for Boys

    , Francis, Frank, Frederick, George, Harry, Henry, Hugh, Jack, Jacob, James, John, Jonathan, Joseph

  • List: Pixar Baby Names

    , Sally, Violet, Dashiell, Django, Emile, Francis, Lalo, Lucius, Luigi, Marlin, Nemo, Nigel, Ramone

  • List: Names from the 1900s

    , Harold, Raymond, Carl, Ralph, Earl, Ernest, Howard, Francis, Lawrence, Alfred, Elmer, Eugene, Herbert, Leonard, Herman

  • List: Christian Baby Names

    , Matthew, Jericho, Galilee, Zion, Lydia, Pius, Mark, John, Daniel, Andrew, Patrick, Joan, Francis

  • List: Names from the 1930s

    , Ronald, Kenneth, Billy, Gerald, Bobby, Larry, Norman, Roger, Earl, Gary, Clarence, Francis, Wayne, Marvin, Howard, Willie, Roy, Harold, George, Eugene

  • User List: Cortomaltese's List

    , Maurice, Marcel, Luca, Lennox, Laurence, Julien, Jeremy, Giacomo, Francis, Claude

  • User List: The Mild List

    Viola, Percy, Dinah, Oskar, Ernest, Beau, Demi, Hero, Iona, Lawrence, Ida, Delilah, Adele, Margot, Thomas, Robert, Grey, Francis, Ila, Archie, Alfred

  • Blog Post: Babies with Three Names

    Ferdinand James Mount George Elliott Brooke Gilbert Francis Howard Gus George Douglas Henry

  • Blog Post: Papal Baby Names: Possibilities beyond Pius and Innocent

    .  Pope Francis broke precedent by picking one that had never been used before, but which has deep