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  • User List: Beth's Fav


  • User List: boy fav

    Bohan, Bowen, Jasper, Lennox, Cole, Colton, Sage

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  • User List: Ashtonwitz Fav

  • User List: kaylans fav names & nicknames

    Isabella, Francesca, Noah, Bree, Ariana, Rosalie, Leland, Bella, Esme, Izzy, Chris, Chrissy, Rosalina, Brynn

  • User List: Violet's Fav Names

    Bianca, Jasmine, Natasha, Rita, Roxy, Vanessa

  • User List: Fav Boy Names

    Asher, Miles, Jakob, Amaury, Sagan, Calder

  • User List: Ashton Witz Fav Names

  • User List: My fav girls names

    Evangeline, Adrienne, Gabrielle, Veronique, Emmaline, Bernadette, Eugenia, Johanna

  • User List: Fav Baby Girl Names

  • User List: Fav names (GIRL)

    Electra, Engracia

  • User List: Melissa's Fav girl names

  • User List: Fav. Girl Names

    Anastasia, Celeste, Charlotte, Chleo, Chloe, Clara, Eliza, Emilie, Eve, Francesca, Heather, Helena, Holly, Isla, Ivy, Juliet, Kyla, Lucia, Lucy, Luna, Maria, Mariah, Mia, Miyana, Nevada, Pavana, Rana, Savannah, Serena, Suzannah, Suzanne, Teresa, Zooey, Emily

  • User List: Bella Fav Names

    Arabella, Arden, Ardis, Audrey, Beckett, Cadmus, Calder, Cara, Cassia, Caterina, Chase, Cora, Crystal, Daisy, Dallas, Diana, Eddy, Elliot, Elodie, Ember, Esme, Eston, Everett, Ezra, Finn, Indie, Indigo, Jack, Jesse, Jett, Kiara, Kursten, Lana, Luca, Luda, Luna, Lydia, Marlee, Mira, Nolan, Nova, Rowan, Salem, Sapphire, Saskia, Seraphina, Soren, Tatum, Viveca, Zara, Deirdre

  • User List: Melissa's Fav girl names 2

  • User List: Fav names for witzman boy

  • User List: Melissa's Fav baby girl names

  • User List: Names that almost made my fav lists

    Timothy, Gabriel

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  • Blog Post: Occupational Surnames: Far from a fad

    would be far more occupational names in the Top 1000 today than in the 1800s, but I was wrong. In 1880

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  • Blog Post: Boys' Names 2010: Most Popular So Far

    third quarter, mind you, but for all of 2010 so far – is quite a distinction.  So congratulations, Finn

  • Blog Post: Celebrity Baby Names: What's your latest fave?

    The Question of the Week: What’s your favorite among recent celebrity baby names? There’s been a plethora of interesting celebaby first and middle name choices recently.  Which one do you like best—and why? Which one(s) do you REALLY not like? Would you use any of them for your child? Would you NOT use one because of all the buzz it has gotten? OK, so what's your favorite of these? Agnes Aleph Arabella Arthur Athena Bingham (called Bing) Haven Indiana...

  • Blog Post: Girls' Names 2010: Most Popular So Far

    Three-quarters of the way through the year, we check in again with the most popular girls' names 2010, nameberry style. Once again, Charlotte heads the list of most-searched girls’ names on nameberry. In the number two spot is Violet, and former number two Seraphina has dropped to third place. A note on tabulation: These lists represent the most-searched names on nameberry for January through September of 2010. Previously, we published the lists of most-searched girls' names 2010 for...

  • Blog Post: Top Baby Names of 2016 (so far)

    by Pamela Redmond Satran The most popular baby names of 2016 (so far) have been tallied, and we

  • Blog Post: The “F” Names: They’re few and far between

    of Fay/Faye/Fae. Among the more unusual choices that made the girls’ list a hundred years ago were

  • Blog Post: Baby Names of 2011: Nameberry Newbies so far this year

    For those of you who don’t check the Birth Announcements forum on our Message Boards or aren’t yet our friends on Facebook (tsk, tsk!), we thought we’d gather up the names of the newest babyberries here for all to see.  These are all baby names of 2011—and the year isn’t even half over yet! When Pam and I wrote our first name book back in the Era of Jennifer & Jason, it was filled with names we loved, many of which seemed quite outré to many people at that time.  Milo?  Felix?  Lulu? ...