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  • Fameberry: Rio

    Oliver Hudson

  • Blog Post: Where Did You Find Your Child's Name?

    did you find your baby's name?   What interesting, unusual, surprising, or inane sources did your

  • Blog Post: When Did You Name Your Baby?

    you waited, do you think that helped clarify things or did it add to the pressure?  If you chose early

  • Blog Post: Nameberry Faves? Do tell!

    blogs do you like best?  Such as:    **The crowd-sourced, interactive Questions of the Week, like

  • Blog Post: Did Your Family Pressure You Over Names?

    your family over baby names?  What kind?  How did you deal with it?  How did it make you feel? Or

  • Blog Post: Did You Have an Almost Name?

    contender? Was it a close call?  At what point was the final decision made?  Did your almost name

  • Blog Post: Do You Like Your Name?

    Question of the week: How do you feel about your own name? This is a topic that has been brought

  • Blog Post: Nicknames: Where do you stand?

    be hard to nickname. *I prefer to call my child by his full name and encourage others to do so

  • Blog Post: Name Nerds: Do you qualify?

    Although I’ve written ten books and a hundred or more nameberry  blogs on the subject, I’m happy to say that I still learn something new about names almost every day.  And a lot of it comes from our very own nameberry boards. Often, as my work day is winding down, I’ll spend some time meandering around different forums, and sometimes will be lucky enough to come upon an exchange that I find particularly enlightening or entertaining.  This happened the other night when I encountered this...

  • Blog Post: Baby Name Survey: How did you choose your child’s name?

    name survey. What factors influenced your name choice?  Whose advice did you take?  How did you

  • Blog Post: How DO You Pronounce That?

    . Jase, Jace, and Jayceon - Do Jace and Jase rhyme with Chase? Most often, yes, though some may

  • Blog Post: Question of the Week: What names did you nix?

    down!)" Now it's time to turn the tables.  What name did you partner like that YOU turned down?  And

  • Blog Post: Rio, Rhythm, Winnie and Liv: Bold Names for Girls

    recently?  Do you prefer shorter names, like Liv and Rio, or longer ones, like Penelope and Antonella?

  • Blog Post: Surprise! What unexpected nickname did your child get?

    those unexpected nicknames, and where did they come from? Tell us your nickname stories, good, bad, and ugly. And join us on Facebook!  

  • Blog Post: Cross-gender namesakes: Did you, would you, can you?

    , or any of the other similarly awkward cross-gender namesake names. So how do you, did you, can you

  • Blog Post: What did your older child want to name the baby?

    the baby. What did your older kids want to name their baby sibling, and did you actually follow any of their ideas?  

  • Blog Post: Name Nerds: When Did You Get Hooked on Names?

    Question of the Week: How and when did you get interested in names? When you were little, did

  • Blog Post: Nickname Names: How did Henry get to Hank?

    early Dutch form Hendrick, nn Henk, which is a short hop to Hank.  And how did Jack connect to John

  • Blog Post: Seasonal Baby Names: How do they rank?

    . Although, another name did come close... Spring came to within 11 babies of Autumn in the 1950s. There

  • Blog Post: How Long Do Popular Names Stay Popular?

    Esmeralda Rocha, we did some investigation. The short answer: It’s complicated. While girls’ names in

  • Blog Post: Which Baby Gadgets Do You Really Need?

    tech, but it’s probably a step above what your own mama had for you. Do you need it? No. Seriously

  • Blog Post: Techie Baby Names: Do they compute?

    In a recent issue of PCWorld magazine, JR Raphael wrote an interesting and amusing article highlighting ten tech-inspired baby names.  He was kind enough to give us permission to use some of his examples and add more of our own—names that might provide some extra inspiration to some techie parents out there without sounding as weird as, say, Audio Science.  So no, we’re not suggesting or Tweet or even Apple. Conveniently for us, many computer programming languages were given people...

  • Blog Post: Do you wish your own name.....?

    Do you wish your own name was more unusual...or more popular? The general trend of taste in baby

  • Blog Post: Do Kre8iv Spellings Make Names More Special?

    code for Michaela, I naturally wondered about my other neighbor’s name. Pretending to do some right

  • Blog Post: Classic Baby Names: Where do they stand?

    music shaped our choices, too, as did faith.  Nevaeh’s little brother might just be called Messiah

  • Blog Post: What Names Do YOU Think Are Cool?

    saying: Um....nope. So now we're turning it back on you.  What names do YOU think are cool?  And

  • Fameberry: Rio Atticus

    Tom (No Doubt) Dumont

  • Fameberry: Rocco Rio

    Jillian Barberie Reynolds

  • Blog Post: Do You Want A Truly Unique Name?

    A lot of people use the term unique baby names when what they really mean is unusual baby names.  Names such as Romeo, Romilly, and Roxana may be distinctive, attractive, and uncommon, but they're hardly unique. But what about those names that truly are unique, as in one-of-a-kind? Along with checking out which names were most popular on nameberry so far this year, we took a look at the names that were searched just once last quarter – nameberry’s own truly unique baby names. Of...

  • Blog Post: Literary Names: Do Characters Name Themselves?

    where he was heading. However, I do know that when my editor floated the possibility of changing his