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  • Forums: Devin or Devyn?

  • Blog Post: The New French Baby Name Landscape: Kevin and Khaleesi

    Kevin Costner‘s extreme popularity in the country after Dances with Wolves was released in

  • User List: Unnamed List

    Rosie, Tennessee, Monroe, Devin

  • User List: Devil-like Names

    Cain, Delilah, Jezebel, Lilith, Lucifer, Samson

  • User List: Unnamed List

    Damien, Jason, Devin, Gage, Vincent

  • User List: Boy #2

    Cohen, Caelan, Brian, Liam, Dallin, Devin, Jared

  • User List: Geoff Ideas

    Tegan, Devin, Alexia, Susannah, Nora, Alessandra, Eliana, Isannah, Mirabella, Ashlynn, Ciara, Kyra, Keira, Augusta, Louisa

  • User List: Favourite Irish Names

    Aidan, Carey, Cian, Ciara, Connor, Devin, Erin, Fia, Finn, Keela, Keelin, Kieran, Liam, Rian, Riona, Saoirse, Teagan

  • Blog Post: Nameberry Picks: 15 enchanted island names

    boys, while the Devon and Devan spellings are also used. Elba—Another island with Napoleonic ties—it

  • User List: Turkish Girl Names

    Tuana, Keren, Tula, Alara, Alma, Arin, Eren, Ayana, Ayda, Evrim, Ayla, Mayda, Maysa, Beril, Ilke, Iris, Devin, Patya, Selen

  • Blog Post: Twin Names: More individual names with shared meanings

    – gentle Conan and Raoul – wolf Devin and Baird – poet Donnelly and Everett – brave

  • Blog Post: Unisex Baby Names....or are they really?

    Dale Darian Devin Dylan Flynn Jan [/column1] [column2] Keaton Keegan

  • User List: Alphabet favorites boys

    Arlo, Blake, Cormac, Devin, Elliot, Finn, Graham, Hamish, Ian, Jack, Kirk, Lachlan, Marcus, Nico

  • Blog Post: Baby Names With Uplifting Meanings

    Zahir – flourishing, brilliant either Curran – hero, champion Devin – poet Farrell – courageous

  • Blog Post: New Surname Names for Boys

    and bros Colton and Colten Corbin Dallas Dalton Dane Deacon Devin Drake Easton Gunner

  • User List: Boy Names

    , Benedict, Ash, Bernie, Cyrus, Asher, Berwin, Darwyn, Ashton, Blaze, Dash, Austin, Bo, Devin, Bowie

  • Blog Post: Gossip Girl (and Boy) Names


  • Blog Post: Why is Alexandra up but Alexis down?

    is down Levi is up, but Devin is down Oliver is up, but Christopher is down Parker is up

  • Blog Post: Poetic Baby Names

    in Verses to Clarinda DEVIN -- Gaelic name meaning musical poet ELAINE and ENID --Revived by

  • Blog Post: Occupation names: A Labor Day celebration

    Beaman-- beekeeper Carbry—charioteer Chapin/Chaplin-- clergyman Cormac—charioteer Devin

  • User List: Favorite Boys' Names

    , Justin, Liam, Owen, Zachary, Thomas, Eli, Xavier, Lee, Ian, Oliver, Jonah, Paul, Jared, Harrison, Elliott, Byron, Asa, Rhett, Seamus, Samuel, Devin

  • User List: Turkish Boy Names

    , Artur, Aslan, Atilla, Attila, Hakan, Imre, Ayaz, Aydin, Kip, Kaan, Kaya , Koray, Kurt, Kuzey, Deniz, Devin

  • Blog Post: Name Spellings: Right and Wright?

    Devin Dylan and Dillon Riley and Reilly Wiley and Wylie There are many fewer traditional boys

  • User List: Unisex Names

    Adrien, Arden, Avery, Cameron, Casey, Charlie, Devin, Dylan, Elliott, Everly, Grey, Hudson, Hunter

  • User List: Tomboy Names for Girls

    Arden, Arleigh, Averill, Bay, Bellamy, Brett, Charlie, Darien, Dash, Devin, Ellington, Ellison

  • User List: Joslyn's list

    , Elliot, Saffron, Indy, Ferris, Siddalee, Chandler, Arlo, Milo, Maisie, Ronan, Devin, Pippa, Sevilla

  • User List: Unnamed List

    , Holden, Ariel, Arie, Ayden, Aden, Presley, Lexi, Remi, Liya, Dillon, Oren, Devon, Devin, Archer, Livy

  • User List: the long list

    , Althea, Ariel, Devin, Cassiopeia, Lyra, Aurora, Anastasia, Astrid, Marguerite, Rhiannon, Raina

  • Blog Post: Poetic Baby Names: Lyrical choices for National Poetry Month

    CLARINDA — Invented by Edmund Spenser and used by Robert Burns in Verses to Clarinda DEVIN — Gaelic

  • Blog Post: Baby Names of the 1990s

    1985 and 1995) include Devin (up 63 spots), Christian (73), Caleb (82), Austin (97), Dylan (153