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  • Blog Post: Your Biggest Name Crush

    We know you love names.  But what name do you love the most? Your biggest name crush might be a

  • Blog Post: What's Your Hero Name Crush?

    Hero names (and we include heroine names in that category) have been on the rise in recent years, with choices such as Harper and Hadley, Lincoln and Edison leaping up the popularity lists. Hero names can take the form of a last name, as in Landry, surname of Dallas Cowboys coach Tom, used for both genders.  Hero names may also be distinctive first names such as Anais or Elvis that directly reference their more famous bearer.  Or they can be more ordinary names such as Georgia or Miles...

  • Blog Post: What's Your Latest Name Crush?

    Today's Question of the Week: Is there a name that you have recently fallen in love with? Is it a name that was new to you or one that has grown on you gradually? Where did you hear it?  In a book, movie or TV?  In the real world?  On Nameberry? What in particular do you love about it? And come on down and like us on Facebook, where you can get Nameberry and baby name news updates every day.

  • Blog Post: Strange Love: What's your craziest name crush?

    Over on the message boards, Yael asks: What's your strangest, craziest name crush? We love this

  • Blog Post: Bold Baby Names: Jett, Cruz, Carmen and Mercedes

    current Devious Maids cast member.  Jaxon is the first child for Matt and wife Erica. Cruz – But it is

  • Blog Post: Cyrus, Cosette and Marigold: This week's Nameberry 9

    middles. Cyrus Michael Christopher – This week’s real treat was the birth announcement from

  • Fameberry: Cruz

    Lleyton Hewitt

  • Fameberry: Cyrus Michael Christopher

    Claire Danes & Hugh Dancy

  • Fameberry: Copeland Cruz

    Ryan Tedder

  • Fameberry: Luca Cruz

    Hilary Duff

  • Fameberry: Kinzee Cruz

    James Durbin

  • Fameberry: Cruz Achille

    Mara Schiavocampo and Tommie Porter

  • Fameberry: Leo Encinas Cruz

    Penelope Cruz & Javier Barden

  • Forums: Crush of the day


  • Forums: What is your strangest, most crazy name crush?

  • Fameberry: Hartley Eric

    Veronica De La Cruz

  • Fameberry: Luna Encinas

    Penelope Cruz & Javier Bardem

  • User List: Names for baby #4

    Painter, Cyrus, Moses, Gus

  • List: Baby Names That Mean Hope

    Amil, Asha, Esperanza, Nadia, Nadine, Raja, Taraja, Tikvah, Von, Hope, Toivo, Star, Stella, Estelle, Dove, Anchor, Cruz, Arwen

  • User List: Baby Boy Martinez

    Cruz, Bronx, Tru, Crew, Kingston, Kenyon, Daniel

  • Blog Post: Question of the Week: Your first name love?

    Can you remember your first crush on a name? That's the Question of the Week: What was your

  • List: Boy Baby Names Moving Up Fast

    , Cyrus, Russell, Milo, Porter, Miles, Cruz, Eli, Mason, Clayton, Liam, Giovanni, Asher, Abel

  • Blog Post: Name Sage: A Short, Spiritually Meaningful Name

    already: Cruz Andres and Veda Josephine. I like that both of their names are four letters (though we’re

  • User List: Pretty GIRLS have pretty uncommon Names

    Carter, Coco, Cruz, Ever, Halston, Lux, Maelie, Navy, Rumer, Teagan, Ariel

  • List: Cool Guy Names

    Ransom, Shane, Rafi, Colt, Brock, Dash, Cruz, Mac, Lazaro, Nico, Levi, Benno, Blaise, Oz, Beau, Jed

  • List: Names All Your Friends Will Think Are Cool

    , Paloma, Delilah, Jackson, Elvis, Beckett, Ash, Rowan, Matteo, Donovan, Cormac, Gus, Jude, Miles, Nico, Finn, Cruz, Hudson, Dashiell, Zane, Booker

  • User List: Possible Boy Names!!!

    Ambrose, Mason, Macon, Zander, Riley, Vincent, Vance, Beckett, Cruz, Huxley, Langston, Asher, Levi

  • User List: My Favorite Names

    Ian, Ines, Luz, Lux, Cruz, Beatrix, Iris, Antonie, Roman, Marlowe, Dax, Isolde

  • User List: Boys names

    Spencer, Slate, Sky, Ash, Blade, Kent, Max, Dane, Cruz, Jasper, Luca

  • User List: Favorites - Boys

    Davian, Caius, Ezra, Cruz, Abel, Wyatt, Marius, Sebastian, Aiden, David, Jackson, Owen, Roman