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  • Blog Post: Children's Book Names

    led to many well-named, book-loving children running around. Chances are that these children will

  • Blog Post: Cool Name Sightings?

    Cairo, Eero, Panama, Juniper, Acacia and Lucerne.  How about you?  What cool new names have you

  • Blog Post: Jungle Book Baby Names

    By Clare Bristow Now is an exciting time for fans of The Jungle Book. The live-action remake of

  • Blog Post: Cool Baby Names

    by Pamela Redmond Satran Cool baby names come from many different sources and all around the

  • Blog Post: Cool Eurostyle Names for Boys

    by Pamela Redmond Satran Nameberry has visitors from all over the world, which goes some way toward accounting for the fact that many of the names on our popularity list are more common in other countries than they are in the US. Of course, some American parents also search for international names to reflect their own ethnic heritage or to celebrate a culture or country they love or to find a more dashing way to honor Grandpa Frank. Most of the names here, drawn from the names right...

  • Blog Post: Cool Baby Names: Character Names

    Cool baby names today may reference celebrities, sure, but more and more parents are looking to

  • Blog Post: A Backwards Look at Names

    In the history of baby naming, rarely has a new name taken off with the supersonic speed of Nevaeh.  Its surge was spurred by one singular event, the announcement by Christian rock star Sonny Sandoval of his baby's name on MTV in 2000, when he explained that it was "Heaven spelled backwards."  Sandoval didn't invent the name--in the previous year there had been eight other baby girls called Nevaeh, but there can be no doubt that his public announcement was what triggered the explosion.By...

  • Blog Post: Celebrity Dads with Cool Names

    the cool names. The celebrities whose names set trends. Is it harder to name your children when

  • Blog Post: Cool New Celebrity Baby Names

    By Abby Sandel What a busy week! There’s been a royal birth - no, not that royal birth. A candy entrepreneur welcomed colorfully named twins. A reality star gave birth to a son, and so did a famously private Hollywood power couple. Every celebrity baby name in the headlines this week was on trend - colors and surnames, Biblical boys and place names for girls. Something else the names had in common? Most of them pushed the boundaries. While we’ve become accustomed to surnames as first...

  • Blog Post: 12 Ever-Cool Boy Names

    By Abby Sandel and Linda Rosenkrantz What makes a name everlastingly cool? Mix an element of

  • Blog Post: Cool Names 2011: How To Be So Uncool You’re Cool

    the arrival of a new kind of cool name: the slightly awkward, somewhat geeky name that’s so uncool

  • Blog Post: Cool Names: The Eccentric Aristocrats

    you prefer cool names?  Classic?  Stylish?  Or what? Which put me in mind of trying to

  • Blog Post: Cool Word Names for Girls

    kitchen pantry, too. Let’s take a look at nine of the more interesting word names for girls in the

  • Blog Post: Best Cool, Unusual Saints' Names

    offbeat personal name style isn’t as hard as it might seem. Here are ten of my favorite cool and unusual

  • Blog Post: Comic Book Names: The Pow Factor!

    Guest blogger ALISA GILBERT suggests that there might be some tricks used to name comic book

  • Blog Post: Cool Middle Names: Find one for Facebook

    More people are coming to nameberry these days in search of cool middle names to use on Facebook

  • Blog Post: Names from the Book You're Reading!

    What are the names in the book you're currently reading, and what do you think of them? You can

  • Blog Post: Cool Baby Names: Our 12 newest choices

    by Denise K. Potter/Nameberry The cool baby names this summer include the 12 newest choices on

  • Blog Post: Cool Boy Names: They're ending in R!

    “definitely gonna be the cool kid.” But it’s not just Boomer. R-ending cool boy names are having a moment

  • Blog Post: Cool Baby Names: Which Are The Hottest?

    be to look at what cool people are naming their babies.  For the most part, this dovetails nicely

  • Blog Post: Cool Irish Names: Names for Little Redheads

    The cover baby of our published-today book Cool Irish Names is an adorable redhead, appropriate for

  • Blog Post: Children's Book Names: From Aidan to Zoe

    from a book called Finn Throws a Fit.  Aha, I thought, so juvenile authors are on top of current

  • Blog Post: Old Man Names: Crusty or Cool?

    unseasoned to be cool. And what of Old Man Names for girls? In our book Cool Names, we had a group

  • Blog Post: British Names: What's classy, what's cool

    I love the day once a quarter or so that I allow myself to wallow in the London Telegraph birth announcements. Britberries regularly admonish me not to take the names in the Telegraph to mean anything about typical British baby-naming behavior: Those are names chosen by mostly upper class families, they say, and are examples of a rarefied taste. Point taken, but I still can't help but be struck by how different many of the names are from what you'd hear in similar stratospheres of...

  • Blog Post: Cool Unusual Girls' Names: 100 excellent choices

    given to only ten girls or fewer in the entire United States. Our picks for the 100 best cool

  • Blog Post: What Names Do YOU Think Are Cool?

    As the authors of a book called, ahem, Cool Names for Babies, we have put ourselves in the position

  • Blog Post: Boys' Baby Names: Popular but still cool

    answer is a definite yes.   Of course terms like cool and classic are difficult to define—they’re

  • Blog Post: Naming Book Characters: 3 Easy Steps

    baby names book. I have a few that simply list a thousand or so names and their meanings. I also love

  • Blog Post: Literary Baby Names: YA book characters

    By Abby Sandel Literary baby names are big – just look at Emma and Harper. Some of the most

  • Blog Post: Cool Baby Names: Material girls and boys

    By Emily Cardoza Often when parents are picking names for their children, they want something that will evoke a feeling-- a name that's strong or soft or cozy. With the increasing individuality of today's names, why not get inspired at the fabric store? If you're skeptical, consider this - Paisley has been in the top 100 for the last four years. Though it also links to Brad Paisley and the ever-popular "ley" ending, the fact that Paisley inspires images of beautiful patterns is...