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  • Blog Post: Royal Names: Beyond Elizabeth & William

    Royal names in Britain go far beyond the expected Elizabeths and Williams.  Nameberry regular Kiki

  • List: Names That Mean Beyond

  • Blog Post: Ancient Names: Beyond Jupiter and Mars

    We’re all familiar with the ancient Greek and Roman pantheons of mythological deities, from Adonis and Athena to Zeus, but there a number of other ancient names from other cultures with their own pantheons of intriguing god and goddesses.  We’ve delved into the some of the most intriguing mythologies—Egyptian,  Phoenician, Norse, Celtic, Indian, African, et al-- and discovered some striking ancient names for the intrepid baby namer. GIRLS ÁINE (AWN-ya)-- Irish Celtic goddess of love,...

  • Blog Post: WELSH NAMES: Beyond Gwyneth and Griffin

     Because of its relatively small population, Wales has sent fewer immigrants to the US than Ireland and Scotland have--a mere 100,000 between 1820 and 1976--so that  Welsh names are not as well known here as the other Celts. Which is a shame, because  it's a lilting, rhythmic language, offering lots of fresh and beguiling choices. Like the Irish, the Welsh have only rediscovered some of the rich resources of their own language and culture in the past century. Ater the Welsh language was...

  • Blog Post: Arthurian Names Beyond Morgan and Merlin

    complicated Gwenhwyvach), but we never really hear much beyond Arthur and Merlin. Well today I will be

  • Blog Post: Baby Name News: Chicago and beyond

    By Clare Bristow In this week's news we have daring place names (including but not limited to Chicago), sporting heroes, acronyms and an Arabic name meaning beauty. Chicago and other daring place names What a difference a week makes! Last week, Chicago was a place name you probably hadn’t considered for a child. This week, she’s a baby girl. You’ve almost certainly heard by now that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have named their new daughter Chicago, after a city important in Kanye’s...

  • Blog Post: Creation Stories Names Beyond Adam and Eve

    by Aili Winstanley Channer As the debate between Darwinists and creationists continues, it is interesting to remember that every culture has developed its own unique view of the world and how it came into being. These myths are as striking in their similarities as they are in their differences and offer a fascinating insight into the human psyche. Here are a selection of names of deities and mortals involved in creation stories from around the world. Ask (m) and Embla (f) – The tree is...

  • Blog Post: Bridesmaid Names: Pippa and beyond

    The Royal Wedding has inspired Appellation Mountain's Abby Sandel to look at bridesmaid names of the past as well as the present. Wedding season is upon us. On Friday, Kate and William got things started with a bang, commanding a global audience in the billions. The number of journalists reporting on the nuptials far exceeded the number of notables inside Westminster Abbey, and every tiny detail was dissected - from the guest list to the guests' hats. Later in May, Judd Apatow's latest...

  • Blog Post: Beyond Ava & Aiden is Born

    Beyond Ava & Aiden hits the bookstores today,  the first complete all-new edition of our

  • Blog Post: Z Names: Beyond Zoe & Zachary

    There were 10,000 Zacharys born last year and almost 5,000 Zoes, but that was about it for Z-starting names in the Top 100.  This doesn't mean there aren't  lots of other names with this distinctive initial worth considering, from the contemporary sounding Zayden to the ecclesiastical Zebediah.  Here's a categorical breakdown: MAINSTREAM GIRLS ZELDA --The longest running American Z-girl, in the Top 1000 for most of the years from 1880 to 1967, the now dated sounding Zelda was long...

  • Blog Post: Nature Names: Fresh fruit names beyond Apple and Banana

    (which happens to be really popular in France these days), but if you look beyond the common fruit

  • Blog Post: Shakespeare Names: Beyond Romeo and Juliet

    The plays of William Shakespeare are a mother lode of wonderful names, rich and diverse, drawing from the history and mythology of ancient Greece and Rome, tales of Renaissance Italy, the royal courts and noble estates of England and Scotland--not to mention those that sprung from the playwright's imagination. We were inspired by Kat’s recent name board comment on the “Underrated Baby Names” question of the week to revisit the subject of Shakespearean names, starting from her excellent...

  • Blog Post: Looking Beyond Emma and Ella: Who's next?

    probably shouldn’t even mention it-- the beyond unlikely Erma.  But then there's also the possibility that

  • Blog Post: Great Christmas Names Beyond Noel and Natalie

    By Linda Rosenkrantz When you’re looking for names for a Christmastime baby, you can go the obvious route with Noel and Noelle, Mary or Merry, or you could consider a more subtle reference. Here are Nameberry’s 2016 picks of 12 great Christmas baby names. Christmas Baby Names Balthazar Balthazar, also spelled Balthasar, was one of the three kings who visited the infant Jesus bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. A distinguished literary name, Balthazar has been used by...

  • Blog Post: Christmas Names: Beyond Nicholas and Noel

    By Elisabeth Wilborn Christmas seems to arrive sooner every year. Once again, I am running frantically to cross things off the list, get the baking done, trim the tree (first we have to get that tree…), and find the ever elusive Christmas stockings before it’s too late. Some may have bigger –or smaller– things on their minds this season. An impending birth, perhaps? If your new child shares a birthday with the most famous baby in the world, you may be tempted to incorporate the season...

  • Blog Post: Movie Award Names: Looking beyond Oscar

    , Abby Sandel, creator of the popular site Appellation Mountain , looks beyond Hollywood to find

  • Blog Post: 1980s Baby Names: Beyond Jessica & Josh

    In the mid-1980s, when we were beginning to conceptualize our first book, Beyond Jennifer &

  • Blog Post: Sci-Fi Names: Beyond Zorg and Zalga

    Loyal nameberryite Linelei leads us into the arcane world of science fiction names. As both a science fiction nerd and name nerd, nothing gives me greater pleasure than combining the two. Since I was a little girl, I adored not only the stories but the names within the fantastical plots, and collected them as I read. While there are many science fiction names which have a tendency to be hokey, conjuring up images of green men and relying a little too heavily on the letters Z, Q, and X,...

  • Blog Post: Harry Potter Names: Beyond Harry & Hermione

    scorpion SIRIUS   -- the brightest star in the night sky Beyond these--and certainly less extreme

  • Blog Post: Belgian Names: Beyond Flemish and French

    the whole of Belgium, but these names will usually be popular in all of Europe and even beyond (Emma

  • Blog Post: 31 Award-Winning Names: Beyond Oscar & Emmy

    By Linda Rosenkrantz Of course we all want our kids to be winners. So how about giving him or her a leg up by starting life with an achievement-award name? If you want to look at it aspirationally, a great variety of bases are covered here—from science to sports to literature to film to cartooning and even to blogging. (We've skipped the almost-too-obvious Oscar, Tony and Emmy.) Some very usable award names, and you might find one that relates to your own field of interest. Agatha...

  • Blog Post: Beatrix Potter names beyond Peter Rabbit

    whose stories have an enduring charm that will no doubt continue to delight readers well beyond our

  • Blog Post: Pregnancy and Beyond: On choosing godparents

    By Patty Adams Martinez,  Zach Braff’s longtime buddy, and former Scrubs costar, Donald Faison bestowed upon Zach one of the greatest honors a parent can give someone: the title of godfather. In true celeb fashion, Zach turned to Twitter to announce the big news with an adorable photo of him and baby Rocco (similarly, Jaime King recently announced that Jessica Alba and Topher Grace are her son James’ godparents on Instagram). The funnyman couldn’t resist a silly caption: “Me...

  • Blog Post: Twilight Baby Names: Beyond Bella & Edward

    Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series has been one of the biggest influencers of baby name trends in recent times, propelling Bella, Edward, Cullen, Esme, and a host of other names up the charts.  Here, nameberry intern DANIELLE MIKSZA, a Twilight fan, analyzes the Twilight baby names. There’s been a vampire epidemic going on ever since Twilight hit theatres. Everywhere you look there’s Rob Pattinson’s face or Taylor Lautner’s abs, not that I’m complaining. But what’s even more interesting are...

  • Blog Post: Scottish Surnames: Beyond Campbell and Cameron

    They're not like those jaunty Irish surnames that kind of jump out and hit you in the face--no way you could see Finnegan or Donovan as anything else.  But Scottish surnames, somewhat more subtly, have affected American nomenclature to a surprising degree. Many <a href="">Scottish names</a> that could pass for Irish or English are actually old Scottish clan names, and several have long been accepted as first names in this...

  • Blog Post: 70's Baby Names: Beyond Tiffany & Todd

    When we talk about vintage names, we're usually harking back to the Gay '90s or the Roaring  '20s at the latest. But what about more recent vintage vintages? Are there any names that were popular just a couple of decades ago that are already ready for revival?--or are they all still too me, mom, or grandpa-ish? The leading  five girls' names across the decade 0f the 70s were Jennifer, Amy, Melissa, Michelle and Kimberly, and among the boys' Top 20--mostly dominated by classics--were...

  • Blog Post: President's Day Names: Beyond Taylor and Tyler

    Ever since the first American baby was christened Washington Smith, there has been a tradition here—just as the Brits honor their Royals--to draw inspiration from the surnames of U.S. presidents, with Grant, Tyler, Taylor, Madison, and now Jackson landing high on the hit parade. So here, for President’s Day, are some examples drawn from our history that still resonate—even if the connection to the Commander-in-Chief isn’t always immediately apparent. [imagebrowser id=35]

  • Blog Post: Celebrity Baby Names: From Sundance and beyond

    Celebrity baby names are in the spotlight this week in Appellation Mountain's Abby Sandel's Nameberrty Nine round-up . The Sundance Film Festival just wrapped up in Utah yesterday.  Indie films are a great resource for unexpected baby names – they’re inventive, original, often rich with significance, and yet they’re usually not blockbusters.  Choosing a name from a great but somewhat obscure movie is different than calling your daughter Neytiri or your son Anakin – there’s less instant,...

  • Blog Post: Mermaid Names: Beyond Madison and Ariel

    found on little girls’ gear everywhere you look. Beyond Madison and Ariel: Other Famous Mermaids

  • Blog Post: Middle Names: Longer choices beyond Elizabeth

    by Angela Mastrodonato of Upswing Baby Names Some names are common in the middle but rarely used as first names. Others are common first names but hardly used in the middle. And then there are a lucky few that are popular first and middle names, such as Grace and James. But the ultimate double-threat is Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s status as a popular first name has endured over a century. Elizabeth is the only girl name that has remained in the top 30 since 1880, the earliest year baby name...