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  • User List: "ana" Names

    Anastasia, Anatoli, Eliana, Georgiana, Hana, Tatiana

  • User List: Girl Names Ending with -Ana or -Anna

    Abrianna, Adriana, Andreana, Ariana, Aureliana, Aviana, Brianna, Eliana, Eviana, Emiliana, Floriana, Georgiana, Gianna, Osanna, Oksanna, Liana, Ilianna, Iridiana, Luciana, Morgana, Oriana, Tatiana, Tristana, Viridiana, Vianna

  • Forums: Names that end in Ana/Anna

  • Blog Post: S Surnames for Girls: Sutton, Sloane and More

    respectable Number 294. Santana - Santana is a surname, a contraction of Santa Ana, as in Saint Ann. So it

  • Blog Post: Celebrity Baby Names: 2009’s Best and Worst

    The celebrity baby-naming year got off to an exciting start with the birth of Jennifer Garner and

  • Blog Post: Preppy boys' names ending with S: Ames, Keats, and Yates

    age of Aiden and Asher, we’re not expecting to meet a kiddo with an s ending name. I’m not

  • Blog Post: Baby Names for Boys: Popularity of "S" and "Sh" sounds

    the "S" and "Sh" sounds. Here are the boys! As I explained last week, to do this research, I used

  • Forums: Ana or Anna? I need to change before FIRST birthday

  • Fameberry: Paloma Louise

    Ana Ortiz

  • Fameberry: Raphael

    Ana Ortiz

  • List: International Variations of Ann

    , Anya, Anyuta, Anninka, Annick, Anitte, Ana, Anni, Annetta, Anushka, Anca, Hanna, Anne, Annik, Asenka

  • List: Jewel and Gemstone Baby Names

    Agate, Alabaster, Amber, Amethyst, Beryl, Bijou, Carnelian, Citrine, Copper, Coral, Coralie, Crystal, Diamante, Diamond, Ebony, Emerald, Emeraude, Esmeralda, Garnet, Garnet, Gemma, Giada, Golda, Golde, Goldie, Heliodor, Ivory, Jade, Jasper, Jem, Jet, Jewel, Lapis, Larimar, Lazuli, Malachite, Mercury, Onyx, Opal, Pearl, Peridot, Perla, Ruby, Ruri, Saffira, Sapphire, Shale, Silver, Slate, Takara, Tamako, Topaz, Turquoise, Zariza

  • Fameberry: Ava

    Paz Vega

  • Blog Post: Double First Names: Mary Ann and Peggy Sue

    Baker). When first and last names no longer sufficed—especially in clan areas—Mary O’Neil needed an

  • List: Alternatives to Ava

    Ada, Audrey, Bella, Cara, Delilah, Faye, Greer, Greta, Harlow, Lola, Maeve, Maya, Savannah, Stella, Ava, Eve, Ida, Ivy, Anya, Vera

  • User List: Sweet and Sophisticated S Names for Girls

    Sabina, Sabine, Sage, Selena, Selene, Seraphina, Serena, Shira, Shoshana, Sienna, Scarlet, Scarlett, Sofia, Sophia, Sophie, Stella, Susana, Svetlana, Sydney, Savannah

  • List: Alternatives to Hannah

    Hannah, Ana, Annalie, Anya, Dinah, Hope, Leah, Nora, Sanna, Susannah

  • Fameberry: Gabriella Ann

    Josh Gracin

  • List: Cool Boys’ Names—Rare, Unique and Unusual

    Albie, Aleph, Alexio, Alwin, Anchor, Anselm, Anthem, Arno, Art, Artie, Ashford, Augusto, Aureliano, Aviv, Ayo, Azure, Balthazar, Barnaby, Bartholomew, Bastien, Beaumont, Becker, Benedetto, Beowulf, Beto, Birch, Breaker, Breslin, Brio, Caldwell, Calvert, Captain, Cashel, Castor, Cato, Ceasar, Cecilio, Cielo, Ciro, Cisco, Colm, Conlan, Conroy, Cornelio, Cosimo, Crispin, Curran, Darrow, Delfino, Doyle, Drexel, Dublin, Eames, Eaton, Eber, Edris, Edsel, Ennis, Ernie, Esau, Escher, Espen, Falcon,...

  • List: Cool Girls' Names—Rare, Unique and Unusual

    , Spring, Suki, Sula, Sunniva, Suvi, Taja, Tally, Tana, Tansy, Tempest, Tessie, Thara, Thessaly, Tilda

  • List: Rocker and Rapper Kids' Names

    Ace, Adalynn, Alabama, Alfie, Alzea, Anaise, Angel, Apple, Artemis, Atlanta, Axl, Bamboo, Blue, Cadence, Cash, Caspar, Cassius, Chance, Chanel, Chicago, Coco, Colette, Cosimo, Cross, Cruz, Cypress, Decker, Della, Devereaux, Django, Domani, Draven, Dream, Dusty, Egypt, Elijah, Elmo, Everly, Fire, Frankie-Jean, Frankito, Future, Genesis, Geronimo, Gia, Giacomo, Gio, God'Iss, Hallie, Halo, Happy, Harmony, Harper, Heaven, Heiress, Hendrix, Henry, Ickitt, Ikhyd, Indigo, Italia, Jameson, Jessie,...

  • Blog Post: Name Images and Impressions

    their children---even a little bit-- and even though you know you shouldn't?

  • Fameberry: Asa Charlotte

    Justin Bartha

  • Fameberry: Sybil Ann

    Craig Melvin and Lindsey Czarniak

  • User List: Graces List of Song Inspired Names

    Ana, Anna, Arabella, Barbara, Benny

  • User List: My Girl Names.

    Ana, Georgiana, London, Primrose, Vivienne

  • Blog Post: Sister and Brother Names

    To clear up any misunderstanding, let me say straight off that these are not literally sister

  • Blog Post: Starbaby Inspirations and Variations

    Bowes, aka hanbow, is based in England and has received an offer to study English Literature at the

  • Blog Post: July Baby Names: Julia and Julian and beyond

    all pay tribute to these J names, not to mention Tilda Swinton’s 2008 crime-drama Julia, and 2009’s

  • Blog Post: Boys' and Girls' Names--and the size of their sounds

    first name for your baby girl or boy is an entirely personal matter for the parents and beyond any