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  • Fameberry: Albert

    AJ and Dionne Calloway

  • Fameberry: Albee

    Katie Lowes and Adam Shapiro

  • Blog Post: Comic Book Names: The mild-mannered alter egos

    This week, Appellation Mountain's Abby Sandel looks at comic book names, stripping away the heroes' superpowers to reveal their more human personae names. Every superhero needs a couple of things: superhuman powers, a cape, and maybe a sidekick.  He also needs a regular Joe name to hide his higher calling.  Spider-Man fights crime, but Peter Parker dries the dinner dishes. It’s been this way since Superman first appeared in a 1938 comic book.  Mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent has been...

  • Fameberry: Waylon Albert "Blackjack"

    Drea de Matteo & Shooter Jennings

  • User List: My braver alter-ego would totally use these

    Crispin, Florian, Ronan, Alaric, Emrys, Valerian, Silvanus, Cyprian, Pascoe, Horatio, Auden, Roald, Raphaela, Marit, Sapphire, Electa, Eulalia, Christabel, Thora, Juniata, Ysabel, Eluned, Junia, Anais, Isidore, Lysander, Peregrine, Alonso, Jewel

  • Forums: Name to honor Robert and Albert?

  • Fameberry: Lucia Rose

    Amber & Rob Mariano

  • Fameberry: Marlow Alice

    Amber Tamblyn and David Cross

  • Fameberry: Isabetta Rose

    Rob & Amber Mariano

  • Fameberry: Adelina Rose

    Rob & Amber Mariano

  • User List: Old Man and Old Lady Names

    Albert, Walter

  • Fameberry: Gabriella Therese Marie (Twin)

    Princess Charlene & Prince Albert of Monaco

  • Fameberry: Jacques Honore Ranier (Twin)

    Princess Charlene & Prince Albert of Monaco

  • User List: Baby # 2

    Toby, Kenneth, Albert

  • List: Blond Baby Names

    Elvira, Blanche, Gwynn, Alva, Alben, Gaynor, Finn, Blanca, Aubrey, Boyd, Fairfax, Xanthus, Finnian

  • List: Old Man Names

    , Martin, Monty, Stanley, Humphrey, Gilbert, Howard, Harold, Wallace, Wilfred, Albert, Leonard, Desmond

  • List: Great Names for Goldfish

    , Xanthus, Peta, Fisk, Fisher, Devere, Barbeau, Finley, Nemo, Pike, Salmon, Goldie, Golda, Amber

  • User List: ♂️boys

    Arthur, Everett, Henry, Walter, Warren, Wilson, Albert, Alfred, Casper, Edward

  • List: Victorian Royal Baby Names

    Victoria, Adelaide, Mary, Albert, Edward, Alice, Maud, Alfred, Ernest, Helena, Augusta, Louise

  • User List: Who comes after Otis Basil?

    Banjo, Henrietta, Rue, Rupert, Winnie, Clementine, Posey, Albert

  • List: Names from the 1900s

    , Edith, Esther, Minnie, Myrtle, Thelma, Agnes, Viola, Nellie, Willie, Arthur, Albert, Clarence, Fred

  • List: Old-Fashioned Baby Names

    , Catherine, Clara, Lucinda, George, Albert, Frederick, Walter, Philip, Hazel, Phineas, Dorothea, Anna, Emma

  • User List: Gemstone Names

    Ruby, Beryl, Almandine, Diamond, Jasper, Onyx, Amber, Topaz, Coral, Jade, Amethyst, Pearl, Garnet, Opal, Sapphire

  • User List: Honour Names

    Wyatt, Bryony, Hazel, Isla, Lilibet, Elsbeth, Lily, Calla, Bennett, Elliot, Albert, Clara, Helena, Nell, Phoebe

  • User List: Favorite

    Autumn, April, Amelie, Angie, Andie, Alice, Alfie, Archie, Andrew, Alder, Arrow, Asher, Atticus, Atlas, August, Aiden

  • User List: Best of A- boys

    , Alaric, Albert, Albus, Alden, Alder, Alec, Aleph, Alexander, Alexei, Alexis, Alfred, Algernon, Alistair

  • User List: Roman Family A-Listers

    Alec, Adam, Andrew, Avis, Annie, Arthur, Aniyah, Aaliyah, Annette, Anton, Allie, Alexandria, Asher, Atticus, Amber, Alan, Anthony, Antoinette

  • User List: My Favorite GIRL names

    America, Autumn, Amber, Winter, Rain, Saphira, Freedom, Illyanna, Arabella, Clementine, Hazel, Johanne, Melinda, Mercy, Oceana, Primrose, Promise

  • List: Traditional Baby Names

    , Alice, Alexander, Barbara, Albert, Edward, Frederick, Frances, Grace, Isaac, Irene, Louise, Leo

  • List: Patriotic Baby Names

    , Grant, Victory, Amber, Clinton, Abigail, Washington, Jefferson, Phoenix, Rebel, Maverick