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  • User List: Sibling Names for Alaia

    Abigail, Angelica, Ashlyn, Felix, Hailey, Ireland, Isla, Italy, Jadyn, Jared, Malia, Milan, Salvador

  • Blog Post: Ancient Place Names: Alalia, Salona and Thessaly

    . Alalia – Situated in Corsica, Alalia was once an ancient Greek city. It was said to have a

  • Fameberry: Alana Martina

    Cristiano Ronaldo + Georgina Rodriguez

  • Fameberry: Lola Alain

    April Love Geary & Robin Thicke

  • User List: Girls names - Alana

    Adalie, Adeline, Adelyn, Aislinn, Alethea, Annika, Annalie, Arya, Athena, Blair, Brooklynn, Charlotte, Cove, Capri, Delaney, Delilah, Diana, Edie, Elsie, Elise, Elsa, Emma, Evanthe, Everly, Evie, Flora, Gracie, Harper, Helena, Harlow, Isabella, Isla, Ivy, Josephine, Juliette, Lenore, Luna, Lilah, Lincoln, Lola, Margaret, Matilda, Mila, Milena, Olivia, Ottilie, Rosalie, Rosie, Saskia, Sophie, Tatiana, Violet, Violette, Vivienne

  • User List: futurebaby 1

    Alaia, Alaric, Ezra, Florence, Fredric, Freya, Hermione, Kiernan, Matilda, Mildred, Minerva, Felix, Tobias, Arthur

  • User List: Top :)

    , Brynn, Anaise, Alaia, Adrienne, Cameron, Cameron, Adalyn, Isabella, Audrianne, Gage, Bryson, Grayson

  • User List: Helena and...

    , Vale, Mateo, Faline, Frida, Varro, Bambi, River, Melody, Ondine, Alaia, Remy, Stellan

  • User List: Bohemian Princess

    Adeliza, Alaia, Amadea, Anoushka, Damiana, Damita, Diana, Diantha, Elida, Emelda, Fairuza, Farasha

  • Blog Post: Anglo-Spanish Sister Names

    appealing meanings, but also a few that might take some creative stretching. Alaia – Leila reminds me

  • List: Names That Mean Happy

    Abigail, Aida, Alaia, Alair, Alan, Alanis, Alanna, Alisa, Allegra, Ananda, Arcadia, Asher, Ayu

  • User List: Mixed list of Unusual Names

    Nigel, Adara, Trinity, Seraphina, Orrin, Priscilla, Percy, Alaia, Piers, Linnea, Judith, Belinda

  • User List: //story1

    , Rainn, Raleigh, Ronan, Rylan, Rynn, Tiernon, Uzziah, Vaiga, Vallee, Willow, Xavian, Zaiden, Zorrion, Daniel, Acadiah, Daliah, Aurelia, Alaia, Kamille

  • User List: Fall 2017 Favorites

    , Eve, Evelyn, Rollo, Adalia, Callia, Dahlia, Liana, Violet, Annora, Alaia, Bryn, Faye

  • Blog Post: Celebrity Baby Name News: Rhodes, Ripley, and Edith

    surname of Tunisian-born fashion designer Azzedine Alaia. Alaia is rare in the US, but feels like

  • User List: Girls Girls Girls #TheGirls

    Alaia, Alani, Amberly, Amelia, Amelie, Aria, Arietta, Ashelynn, Bella, Belle, Blaire, Blaise, Briar

  • Blog Post: British Name Trends 2013:The Bees, the Evs and the Teds

    , so are other surname choices for boys, such as Carter, Fletcher, Hunter and Cooper. Alaia-Mai and

  • Blog Post: The Hottest Names of 2015

    Remi Alessia Amoret Alaia Bea Judith Marin Emerson Meilani

  • Forums: Anais and Alais

  • Blog Post: Family Names for Babies: Everett, Jay & Klay

    that sounds familiar, it is probably because Russell Crowe played Braddock in Cinderella Man. Alaia

  • Blog Post: Girl Names: Long and Meaningful

    fresh, and see if we can find some more possibilities. AlaiaAlaia sounds glamorous, a

  • Blog Post: Favorite Baby Names 2015

    tradition for her daughter: Alaïa. Designer Azzedine Alaia lends it some high fashion glam, and the name

  • Blog Post: Bizarre Baby Names: Do celebs have them in their DNA?

    four acting Baldwin brothers have pretty normal names, but not so some of their offspring: Alaia

  • Blog Post: March Celebrity Baby Names

    and Nonie Williams) Adeline, sister of Henry and Billy (Jon and Erin Bernthal) Alaia (Adamari

  • List: Cool Girl Names

    , Shiloh, Sasha, Beatrice, Liberty, Rory, Alaia, Savannah, Poppy, Coraline, Monroe, Maren, Rosie

  • User List: Names That Tickle My Fancy - Girls

    Aila, Aisha, Alaia, Alba, Allegra, Alysia, Analeigh, Annabeth, Arden, Aria, Arwen, Aspyn, Aster

  • User List: All the unusuals

    Agnes, Alaia, Alchemy, Alcina, Alienor, Alisa, Amalia, Amaryllis, Amethyst, Amoret, Anastasia

  • User List: Cool Unusual Names That Start With Vowels

    , Aoibhe, Emblyn, Ashira, Alaia, Eris, Ayelet, Inara, Izabel, Iza, Ailis, Erena, Alec, Orla, Auri, Aura

  • Blog Post: December Starbabies: Saint, Sailor & Shepherd

    ) Wilder Cathcart (Charlie Ritchie and Jewel Staite) Xavier Albert Alphons, brother of Alaia-Maria

  • Blog Post: Powerhouse Celebrity Baby Names: The big influencers

    500. Alaia – Adamari Lopez graduated from telenovelas to hosting Telemundo’s Un Nuevo Día. She