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  • Blog Post: Name Sage: A Brother for Jacoby Eugene

    . Our first son's name is Jacoby Eugene. He was named after my mom’s surname, Jacob, and my husband’s

  • Fameberry: Calvin Eugene

    Claire Coffee

  • Fameberry: Calvin Eugene

    Claire Coffee

  • User List: Lieblingsnamen in Deutschland (Favorite names in Germany) DEF

    Dagmar, Della, Dereck, Dietrich, Earnest, Edda, Edel, Elfrida, Elsje, Emerson, Emil, Emma, Eugen

  • Forums: Middle name for Eugene?

  • List: Old Man Names

    , Barney, Harvey, Harry, Frank, Frederick, Ralph, Calvin, Wilbur, Alfred, Julius, Eugene, Louis, Raymond

  • List: Old People Names

    , Myrtle, Ethel, Seymour, Irma, Rhoda, Norma, Norman, Loretta, Joan, Hilda, Hortense, Alfred, Eugene, Donald, Earl, Thelma, Velma, Vern

  • User List: E Boys

    Eamon, Eamonn, Edwin, Eleazar, Elias, Elijah, Emil, Emrys, Enoch, Enos, Eoghan, Ephraim, Ephram, Eros, Eugene, Ezra

  • User List: Little Names in the Family

    Althea, Ava, Bertram, Chester, Elijah, Eugene, Giselle, Katelyn, Laurent, Mavis, Nicolette, Philip

  • List: Names from the 1930s

    , Ronald, Kenneth, Billy, Gerald, Bobby, Larry, Norman, Roger, Earl, Gary, Clarence, Francis, Wayne, Marvin, Howard, Willie, Roy, Harold, George, Eugene

  • List: Papal Names

    Adrian, Alexander, Benedict, Caius, Clement, Constantine, Cornelius, Eugene, Fabian, Felix, Gregory

  • List: Names from the 1900s

    , Harold, Raymond, Carl, Ralph, Earl, Ernest, Howard, Francis, Lawrence, Alfred, Elmer, Eugene, Herbert, Leonard, Herman

  • List: Names from the 1910s

    , Stanley, Bernard, Norman, Peter, Herbert, Eugene, Earl, Roy, Lawrence, Alfred, Leonard, Elmer, Fred, Howard, Willie, Ralph, Clarence, Walter, Frank

  • User List: Hey Arnold!

    Arnold, Gerald, Jamie, Harold, Eugene, Sid, Thaddeus, Lorenzo, Iggy, Park, Robert, Joey, Billy

  • User List: Mad about Mad Men

    Betty, Peggy, Joan, Jane, Sally, Trudy, Dick, Bobby, Conrad, Cooper, Sterling, Peter, Walter, Eugene

  • User List: “Oo” sounds

    Bartholomew, Cooper, Eugene, Eunice, Hugh, Louise, Lucy, Luke, Rue, Sue, Lou, Juniper

  • List: Names from the 1920s

    Richard, Donald, Frank, Harold, Paul, Raymond, Walter, Kenneth, Arthur, Albert, Harry, Eugene

  • List: Names from the 1940s

    , Donald, Gary, Kenneth, Jerry, Dennis, Frank, Raymond, Gerald, Walter, Harold, Douglas, Terry, Wayne, Carl, Willie, Bruce, Jimmy, Billy, Roy, Ralph, Eugene

  • User List: Names From Literature, TV & Movies

    Alice, Arwen, Constantine, Dorothy, Ernest, Eilonwy, Elton, Eugene, Evelina, Fabian, Frederick

  • User List: Ugly Names that are Handsome

    Edwin, Wilfred, Eugene, Clarence, Melvin, Bernard, Herman, Elmer, Milton, Duane, Wilbur, Delbert

  • User List: Pet Names I Like

    Burton, Norman, Sweeney, Victor, Victoria, Anthony, Toby, Maximus, Pascal, Eugene, Rapunzel, Bear

  • Blog Post: What Happened to Hipster Baby Names?

    joins big sisters Eloise Breckenridge and Scarlet Haven. Eugene – Is Eugene so uncool that it’s cool

  • Blog Post: November Starbabies: Baby Names A to Z

    ) Eugenia Emma, sister of Eugene, Jr. and T.Y. Maurice (Eugene "T.Y." and Shantrell Hilton) Hadley

  • User List: Names For Your Little Traveler

    Ariel, Bethany, Boston, Brighton, Brooklyn, Caspian, Cheyenne, Dallas, Denver, Eugene, Everest

  • Blog Post: Presidential Names: Sometimes losers have winning names

    concession speeches over the decades. After that, Eugene is the losingest name — with six defeats. In

  • User List: Men in Suits

    , James, Simon, Walter, Eugene, Michael, Daniel, Xavier, Jack, Orlando, Hilary, Guy, Ptolemy, Jeremy, Henry, Hugh, Andrew, David, Patrick

  • User List: For Boys

    Eugene, Jamie, Marlowe, Nelson, Oscar, Riley, Alexis, Cosimo, Ira, Asa, Auden, August, Caspar

  • Blog Post: The Baby Name Class of 1915

    ] [column2] boys Ralph Clarence Roy Earl Ernest Herbert Eugene Leonard

  • Blog Post: Secret Baby Names Connections

    Bernard….Bjorn Charles….Cathal Edmund….Eamon Edward….Ned Eugene….Owen, Euan, Ewan Frederick

  • Blog Post: Newsy Names: Charmian, Colin & Gene

    passed away this month. Born Jerome Silberman, Wilder took Gene, a short for Eugene, after Eugene Gant