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  • Blog Post: Vintage Boys' Names Ready for Revival: Rufus & Roscoe, Dexter & Chester

    Not too long ago, Arthur was your grandpa, and Theodore was the family name you vowed you would never use. Now that those names are both back in fashion, which boy choices could be the next to stage a comeback? Here are eleven candidates, from those already rising, to the well-why-not? [nggallery id="181" template="nameberry"]

  • Fameberry: Viva Katherine

    Rufus Wainwright

  • User List: Unnamed List

    Asher, Baron, Ariel, Rufus, Lucinda, Chloe

  • User List: Boy Names

    Rufus, Gabriel, Elliot, Rory, Rhys, Finn, Owen, Lachlan

  • User List: heyday's project

    Millie, Noah, Rufus, Siri, Elin, Luna, Isabella, Julia

  • Blog Post: Blonde Baby Names, from Aurelia to Xanthe

    bearer—see Boyd—just as Rufus originated as a nickname for red-haired King William. But the names on

  • Blog Post: 12 Great Color Names for Boys

    even count all the Irish names with red meanings like Flynn, Rory, Rowan, Rufus and Rooney. Here, 12

  • User List: BOY

    Boone, Cormac, Cruz, Elliot, Ezra, Finn, Flynn, Hugo, Jude, Lowell, Luc, Marcellus, Max, Miles, Nico, Otto, Rufus, Theo, Walter, Woodrow

  • List: Roman Names for Boys

    Atticus, Augustus, Cassius, Cato, Cyprian, Felix, Julius, Justus, Lucius, Magnus, Marcus, Maximus, Octavius, Philo, Remus, Rufus, Septimus, Tiberius, Urban

  • List: Redhead Baby Names

    , Ruby, Rooney, Alhambra, Adam, Jasper, Garnet, Radcliff, Reed, Redmond, Rufus, Russell, Roone, Flanna, Rose, Poppy, Ginger, Rudyard, Sorrel

  • User List: Baby Pessoa

    Henry, Joshua, Rufus, Declan, Milo, Callum, Freddie, Edward, Edmund, Eliza, Alice, Clementine, Poppy, Briony, Josephine, George, Oliver, Alfie

  • User List: Middle Names - Boys

    Reuben, Dante, Remus, Sirius, Matthias, Atticus, Valentine, Moses, Judah, Benedict, Rufus, Caspar

  • List: Winter Baby Names

    , Crimson, Scarlett, Rufus, Rory, Ivy, Holiday, Phelan, Ralph, Zev, Rollo, Adair, Oakley, Garnet

  • List: Vintage Baby Names for Boys

    , Julian, Rufus, Rupert, Emmett, Spencer, Quincy, Tobias, Elias, Phineas, Caleb, Isaiah, Owen, Samuel

  • User List: boy Names <3

    Ambrose, Bowie, Brecken, Brock, Cason, Eston, Ford, Hank, Jack, James, Josiah, Madison, Mario, Noble, Rex, Rufus, Macy

  • User List: Best Boy Names.

    Max, Dante, Serge, Rufus, Lorenzo, James, Sebastian, Isaac, Nicholas, Ian, Boone, Ben, George, Gael, Michael, Cesare, Ives, Callum, Cosimo, Humphrey, Zane



  • Blog Post: Great Redheads with Great Names

    names that mean, well, red-haired, from Rory to Rufus, Flynn to Flanagan. An alternative is to find

  • Blog Post: A Creative Approach to Sibling Names

    JAMES VICTOR, brother for Theo, Tilly and Rufus RUFUS ARTHUR, brother for Hilly and Beth THEO

  • Blog Post: British Baby Names: The Latest Crop

    Rory, Rufus, Rupert, Rex, and Rowley, and on the girls' side, Ruby, Rose, Rosemary, Rosalind (and

  • User List: My list number one

    , Angus, Imogen, Lucien, Ivan, Vesper, Eugenie, Fern, Rufus, Opal, Barclay, Crispin

  • User List: Names I Love

    , Verity, Mirabel, Violet, Rufus, Gregory, Jasper, Susannah, Xanthe, Tabitha, Judith, Hector, Beatrice

  • User List: Guilty Pleasures

    Seren, Primrose, Ezra, Delilah, Niamh, Jude, Rufus, Violet, Evangeline, Leonard, Maeve, Phoebe

  • User List: Boy baby names

    , Leonel, Love, Lysander, Mio, Nim, Nolan, Rufus, Titus, Viggo, Villem

  • List: Offbeat Baby Names

    Maud, Matilda, Horatio, Cressida, Araminta, Phoebe, Phineas, Rupert, Rufus, Otis, Otto, Mabel

  • Blog Post: Baby Names 2010: The Also-Rans

    Rufus Seth Tate Thaddeus Zane Check out our trend predictions for 2011! And please friend us on facebook and follow us on twitter.

  • Blog Post: 100+ Classic Boys' Baby Names -- below the Top 1000

    Octavius Sampson Woodrow Urban Mahlon Orson Rufus Horace and Horatio Ozias and

  • Blog Post: Boys’ Names: The Happy Ending

    Maybe contemplating the name Rufus sparked my revelation.  Or it might have hit me when I

  • User List: Boy

    , Jarvis, Clinton, Elvis, Rupert, Kermit, Bruno, Viggo, Kirby, Rufus, Didier, Calvin, Neruda, Milan, Butch

  • List: Saints' Names

    , Lelia, Verena, Maura, Natalia, Flora, Auria, Tatiana, Hyacinth, Colette, Fabian, Rufus, Cassian