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  • List: Papal Names

    , John, Julius, Lando, Leo, Linus, Lucius, Francis, Marcellus, Marcus, Martin, Nicholas, Paul, Peter

  • List: Roman Names for Boys

    Atticus, Augustus, Cassius, Cato, Cyprian, Felix, Julius, Justus, Lucius, Magnus, Marcus, Maximus, Octavius, Philo, Remus, Rufus, Septimus, Tiberius, Urban

  • List: Shakespearean Names

    , Horatio, Jaques, Lennox, Lorenzo, Lucius, Lysander, Malcolm, Miranda, Nerissa, Oberon, Orlando, Oswald

  • User List: Favorite Names

    Hazel, Eleanor, Kai, Clark, Zen, Evian, Leo, Irene, Lucius, Bayu, Gaia, Astra

  • List: Offbeat Baby Names

    , Jessamy, Candida, Dante, Persephone, Cornelia, Celestia, Balthazar, Aquilina, Lucius, Cassian, Amos

  • User List: Middle names

    Mae, William, Reid, Joseph, Grace, Ivy, Lucius, Julian, Rowan, Gisela, Francesca, Giselle, Hazel, Florence, Belle, Evangeline, Magnolia

  • User List: Baby Boy

    , Declan, Parker, Hudson, Luca, Milo, Emmett, Lucius, Ainsley

  • User List: Unnamed List

    Heloise, Lucilla, Guinevere, Aurelia, Octavia, Edmund, Isadora, Rosamund, Lucius, Lucia, Edwin

  • User List: Smart-Sounding Boy Names

    , Claudius, Archibald, Magnus, Marius, Lazarus, Lucius, Maximus, Octavius, Quintus, Remus, Romulus

  • Blog Post: Ancient Baby Names: Roman Emperors from Augustus to Trajan

    character nicknamed Gus in The Fault in Our Stars. Aurelian—Born Lucius Domitius Aurelianus, Aurelian

  • List: Cool Boy Names From Ancient Cultures

    , Justus, Lazarus, Lucius, Magnus, Marcellus, Marcus, Marius, Maximus, Nero, Octavius, Philo, Primus

  • List: Pixar Baby Names

    , Sally, Violet, Dashiell, Django, Emile, Francis, Lalo, Lucius, Luigi, Marlin, Nemo, Nigel, Ramone

  • List: Unusual Biblical Baby Names

    , Persis, Lucius, Erastus, Barnabas, Linus, Zipporah, Zephaniah, Bartholomew, Nehemiah, Hosea, Obadiah

  • List: Boy Baby Names That End in S

    , Nicholas, Magnus, Lucas, Moses, Phineas, Rhys, Elvis, Gus, Angus, Boris, Caius, Cornelius, Lucius, Linus

  • Blog Post: 100+ Classic Boys' Baby Names -- below the Top 1000

    Lucius Constantine Robin Thor Phineas Wallace Shepherd and Shepard Dashiell

  • Blog Post: Vintage Baby Names: Lost Boys of 1916

    , Lucius Malfoy, of Harry Potter fame. Spelled Lucious, it’s the name of Empire patriarch Lucious Lyon. If

  • Blog Post: Tweak That Name!!

    LEO........................LEON LUCAS...................LUCIUS MAX

  • Blog Post: TV Baby Names: Names from The Simpsons -- Doh!

    Lionel Llewellyn Lucius Lyle Mason Milo Moe Ned Nelson Nigel Otto

  • User List: ~Bouncing Baby Boys~

    , Orpheus, Orson, Peregrine, Romulus, Septimus, Theodore, Tiberius, Wolfgang, Titus, Augustus, Lucius, Gideon

  • List: TV Character Names

    , Hiro, Isaac, Isobel, Jack, Lennox, Liberty, Locke, Lucius, Meredith, Micah, Miranda, Nicolette

  • Blog Post: Shakespeare Names: Beyond Romeo and Juliet


  • Blog Post: Pixar Baby Names: Some animated choices

      --  Ratatouille LALO  --  Ratatouille LUCIUS  --  The Incredibles LUIGI  --  Cars MARLIN

  • List: Names from Harry Potter

    , Lavender, Lily, Lucius, Luna, Minerva, Molly, Myrtle, Narcissa, Neville, Newt, Oliver, Orion, Percy

  • User List: Boys' Names

    Gaius, Oswin, Justus, Lazarus, Decimus, Lucius, Lucian, Ezra, Titus, Declan, Caswell, Blaise

  • User List: excellent boy names

    , Ellery, Henry, James, Gabriel, Embry, Lincoln, Lucas, August, Everett, Emerson, Ash, Leo, Mercer, Rowan, Caius, Levi, Lucius, Remus

  • List: Roman Names

    , Septimus, Cato, Aurelius, Cornelius, Julius, Octavius, Lucius, Magnus, Claudius, Caesar, Seneca, Nero

  • Blog Post: Favorite Name Too Popular? Here Are Some Fresh Substitutes

    , Tallulah LUCY, LUKE and LUCAS Lucia, Luca, Luna, Lucan, Lucian, Lucius OLIVIA Alivia

  • User List: Poised for Revival

    , Lavinia, Linus, Louella, Lucius, Magnolia, Marcelle, Marigold, Melchior, Millicent, Myrtle, Odette

  • Blog Post: Names from Books: Edith Wharton's Gilded Age Names

    to rise include Lucius (Lucius Harney, Summer) and Gus (Gus Trenor, The House of Mirth). For

  • List: Saints' Names For Boys

    , Jude, Julian, Justin, Kevin, Killian, Leander, Leo, Leonard, Linus, Lloyd, Lucian, Lucius, Luke