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  • User List: Girls

    Aurelia, Evanthe, Aura, Felicia, Lucienne, Elizabeth, Alouette, Camille, Sylvie, Sonata

  • User List: Names on Which I Disagree with Pam and Linda

    Ignacia, Enid, Gloria, Yvaine, John, Annalise, Gretchen, Bertram, Wilfred, Joel, Stanley, Laurence, Ernest, Evander, Evanthe, Caradoc

  • User List: Floral girl's names

    , Evanthe, Ianthe, Iris, Ivy, Lavender, Leilani, Lilac, Liliana, Lily, Marigold, Rose, Rosemary, Tansy, Violet, Violetta, Violette

  • User List: names

    , Vashti, Paisley, Sidra, Verena, Minerva, Septima, Perpetua, Cosmo, Evanthe, Tanis, Persephone, Grey

  • User List: Flower/plant names

    , Evanthe, Ianthe, Iantha, Melantha, Violante, Xanthe, Xantha, Yolanthe, Yolantha, Zanthe

  • User List: Magical-Sounding Baby Names

    , Silvius, Eurydice, Evadne, Torquil, Evander, Evanthe, Guinevere, Gwendolen, Halcyon, Ianthe

  • Blog Post: 21 Great Greek Baby Names for Girls

    pastoral poets. In a similar vein, Evanthe, which means “fair flower,” makes a nice addition to the list

  • Blog Post: Popular Names: Nicknames Gone Wild

    Evanthe. Ending up with a hugely popular nickname will override the distinctiveness of the long form

  • Blog Post: Secret-Identity Nicknames: How about Tim for Septimus?

    , and there are also Eva and Evangeline—and another hidden-gem Greek choice, Evanthe. Lily/Lilly

  • User List: hbyounk's Girls List

    , Calandra, Cosima, Marit, Juliet, Seren, Ottilie, Evanthe, Arden, Perrine, Wynn, Fabiana, Delphine

  • User List: Baby Girl Names

    , Adelina, Freya, Ianthe, Evanthe, Phaedra, Adele, Catalina, Mara, Natalia, Nova, Tess, Rosaline

  • User List: master list of my favourite girl names

    , Emilia, Emma, Emmeline, Enid, Eowyn, Esme, Esther, Ethel, Etta, Eulalia, Eva, Evangeline, Evanthe