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  • Blog Post: Unusual Baby Names: Hiding in plain sight

    The writers of a new name book go out on a limb--and then some--to come up with some unusual baby names you never, ever, would have thought of. People often ask us how the heck we, two colleagues who live on different continents, and with a total of zero children between us, came to write a baby name book. It started with an office email about the names of our childhood pets—Miek gave all his tank pets outrageous names like ChunksOfLoveAndLikeAndStuff, A+ Nachos, and Wraaakkkk, while...

  • Blog Post: Unusual Baby Names: Hidden in plain sight

    by Angela Mastrodonato of Upswing Baby Names Once upon a time, most parents would have never imagined naming their children Arya, Iker or Major. Now these are some of the fastest rising baby names in the U.S. With formerly unusual names hitting the mainstream, some parents are left wondering where to find under-the-radar names. The trick is to stop looking for unusual names. That’s right. Instead of resorting to increasingly offbeat choices, consider some names that are right under your...

  • Blog Post: Hiding in Plain Sight: the Secret Popularity of Lynn and Lee

    By Nick Turner In my last post, I wrote about how baby names are getting longer — with choices like Isabella and Olivia (four syllables each) trumping old-fashioned picks such as Mary and Anne. While I was sifting through the data for that piece, I noticed something interesting. Some of the short names that were common in the past (Lynn, Lee, Leigh) haven't really gone away. They're just hiding within longer names. Take Lynn. It peaked in popularity in 1956 when almost 8,000 girls...

  • Blog Post: Girl Baby Names: Plain and fancy, from Arya to Tess to Zetta

    This week's Nameberry 9 by Appellation Mountain's Abby Sandel shows us the wide range of girl baby names available to today's parents. Did you read Swistle’s post about a woman named Justin? Some of us probably felt vindicated.  Of course you shouldn’t give a boy’s name to a girl! Others probably thought: If only they’d chosen Justine instead. Miss Justin might be an extreme case, but this week’s name news reminds us that the range of possibilities for girls is vast.  From...

  • Fameberry: Alexis Elaine (Triplet)

    Kevin O'Connor

  • User List: A Court of Thorns and Roses Series

    Amarantha, Azriel, Cassian, Lucien, Morrigan, Nesta, Elain, Ianthe, Tarquin, Nuala

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  • Forums: Little sister for Elin and Ike

  • Fameberry: Kila Lord Cassidy

    Elaine Cassidy

  • List: International Variations of Helen

    , Ellin, Alena, Ileana, Elin, Laina, Léana, Lene, Ilona, Ilona, Aileen

  • List: Baby Names That Mean Friend or Friendly

    Edwin, Auden, Kahlil, Alvin, Alden, Irving, Elvin, Arden, Amica, Dakota, Edwina, Rafiq, Farquahar, Irvin, Bellamy, Amity, Nakotah, Darwin, Amy

  • List: French Baby Names for Boys

    , Maxence, Rainier, Gabin, Benoit, Laurent, Didier, Alain, Basile, Blaise, Guillaume, Luc, Olivier, Remi, Valentin

  • User List: Simple Names

    Blair, Elaine, Eloise, Lettie, Lindsey, Lynn, Nadine, Nina, Stasia, Willa, O'Keeffe

  • List: Names from the 1940s

    , Elaine, Cynthia, Cheryl, Connie, Pamela, Peggy, Doris, Phyllis, Beverly, Donna, Ronald, Larry

  • User List: Mythical Names for Girls

    Guinevere, Morgana, Marian, Elenore, Avalon, Isolde, Vivianna, Elaine, Morgaine, Viviane, Marion, Brittany, Gwendolen, Cordelia, Emer

  • List: Midcentury Baby Names

    , Scott, Roger, Carl, Keith, Allen, Ricky, Craig, Russell, Billy, Leonard, Marcia, Elaine, Joanne

  • User List: Daughter Names/Female Dog Chi Names

    Autumn, Avery, Beverly, Bristol, Chanel, Dior, Elaine, Francesca, Isabella, Isabelle, Meredith

  • User List: Girl Names

    Alexa, Anastasia, Anika, Annika, Ariel, Ariella, Aveline, Aviana, Bella, Chloe, Cleo, Elaina, Ella

  • List: Mythological Baby Names for Girls

    , Chandra, Daphne, Echo, Etain, Freya, Grainne, Halcyon, Hero, Hebe, Hermione, Hestia, Ianthe, Indira

  • User List: Baby Girl 10-2017

    Alouette, Avis, Beatrix, Bowie, Delphine, Dorian, Elaine, Felice, Gertrude, Indigo, Io, Iona, Ione

  • User List: If you like Elliot

    , Elaina, Eleanor, Eloise, Elodie, Elsie, Elizabeth, Abbott, Garnet, Harriet, Scarlett, Margaret

  • User List: Favorite Male Names

    Adrian, Adriel, Alain, Amon, Andreas, Cameron, Corbin, Crispin, Damian, Ethan, Finn, Flynn, Gabriel

  • User List: Baby Girl Corning 10.18.17

    Adalynn, Bianca, Blaire, Brianne, Bridgette, Brielle, Camilla, Cecelia, Charlie, Elaina, Eliana

  • Blog Post: Daredevil Baby Names: Tanner, Jeb and Felix

    Australia, a sci-fi writer, a basketball player, and a musician. Alain – The French version of Alan

  • User List: Pretty Names

    , Raphaelle, Florence, Anastasia, Selma, Jenna, Charline, Evelyn, Anya, Morgane, Sienna, Emmanuelle, Elaine

  • Blog Post: Unexpected Girl Names for Jonah's Sister

    both of us include Cora, Isla, Margot, Eleanor, Autumn, Elaina, and Daphne. Meaning also plays a part

  • Blog Post: 12 Surprising Risings: Cindy? Bruce?

    we be seeing more baby Cindys? ElaineElaine may date back to the days of Camelot, but to most


    ." ELAINE -- A rare French name in the mostly-Celtic Arthurian lexicon, Elaine is showing new life

  • Blog Post: Heroine Names: Worthy Women with Notable Names, Part 2: Cultural Icons

    JAMAICA (born Elaine) Kincaid LETITIA Landon LOUISA May Alcott MAEVE Binchy MAYA Angelou

  • Blog Post: Golden Girl Names