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  • List: Scottish Girl Names

    Aberdeen, Adair, Mina, Aifric, Nessa, Senga, Aili, Ailsa, Ainsley, Allison, Alison, Alwyne, Amilia

  • User List: Multi-Cultural Names

    Abra, Adara, Aili, Aina, Aisha, Aki, Alba, Alma, Amara, Amari, Amaya, Anara, Anona, Ari, Ashwin

  • Blog Post: Israeli Baby Names

    , and Yuli (Julie).  Ann, pronounced Ahn, is also appearing on popularity lists; this is because

  • Blog Post: Twelfth Night Names: From Airi to Wren

    me Eleven pipers piping Aule, Auletes, Auletris, Aulus, Endeka, Doucet, Fife, Flauta, Fletna

  • Blog Post: Creation Stories Names Beyond Adam and Eve

    by Aili Winstanley Channer As the debate between Darwinists and creationists continues, it is

  • User List: "A" Baby Names (Masterlist)

    , Ailbhe, Aili, Ailis, Ailsa, Aina, Ainhoa, Aira, Aisha, Aislinn, Aithne, Aiva, Aiyana, Akira, Alanis

  • List: 4 Letter Girl Names

    , Arly, Arli, Arla, Lene, Asta, Asti, Assi, Atha, Aude, Audy, Audi, Tina, Aura, Aure, Oria, Rory, Zora

  • User List: Awesome Finnish Names

    Alina, Alli, Amalia, Amanda, Anja, Anna, Anneli, Annika, Aurora, Brigitta, Brita, Camilla, Cecilia

  • Blog Post: Black History Month Names: Ava, Octavia and Pharrell

    currently popular in France, where it ranks at #275 Mahershala Ali—For his performance in

  • Blog Post: Black History Names: Amazing Women Athletes

    named in honor of Jacqueline Kennedy, who is still associated with the name. LAILA Ali Boxer Laila

  • Blog Post: March Celebrity Baby Names

    Rocha and James Conran) Juli, sister of Charlise (Henrik Lundqvist and Therese Anderson) Leila

  • List: Hungarian Names

    , Jozsua, Juli, Gyula, Laszlo, Lenci, Lorant, Lornic, Maco, Mátyás, Matyi, Matyo, Moricz, Mózes

  • User List: Girls

    Adelaide, Aili, Alice, Alba, Amelia, Arden, Averie, Birdie, Bronwyn, Boheme, Cara, Caroline

  • User List: Girl

    Abilene, Adah, Adelaide, Adella, Aili, Alba, Alice, Aoife, Archer, Arden, Auryn, Beckett, Bethel

  • Blog Post: Celebrity Baby Names: October starbabies

    ) Claudia Alexandra, sister of Jessica (Ali Williams and Casey Green) Cleo James (Nev Schulman

  • User List: Four Letter Girl's Names

    Adel, Adia, Aida, Aili, Aine, Alba, Alix, Aliz, Alma, Alva, Alys, Amie, Anna, Anne, Aroa, Asia

  • List: Scottish Names

    Aberdeen, Adair, Mina, Aifric, Nessa, Senga, Aili, Ailsa, Ainsley, Allison, Alison, Alwyne, Amilia

  • User List: "Animal Crossing" Names

    Ace, Agnes, Al, Alfonso, Alice, Alli, Amelia, Anabelle, Annalisa, Annalise, Antonio, Apollo, Apple

  • User List: Norse Baby Names - girl

    , Ida, Inga, Ingrid, Johanna, Josefina, Josefine, Judith, Juli, Julia, Julina, Junia, Kajsa, Karin

  • Blog Post: On-Trend Celebrity Babies: Nova, Cy, and Etta

    name to their new arrival, Genesis Ali.  Genesis joins big brother Egypt and proves that parents are

  • Blog Post: 12 Awesome Arabic Names

    your baby girl, Aaliyah is a “sublime” choice. This name is the feminine form of Ali, meaning “lofty

  • Blog Post: Boy Names: The new traditionals

    Johnny Cash. Muhammed Ali was born Cassius Clay; it’s an old form of a Roman family name. It’s edgy

  • Blog Post: 12 Best Golden Globe Nominee Names

    . MAHERSHALA Ali, best supporting actor, Green Book The most unusual name on this list is the

  • Blog Post: Colorful Baby Names: Violet, Navy and Grey

    , strong but not burdensome. The final choice: Ali. Several high-profile babies this week have

  • User List: Full list of Girls Names I Like

    Ada, Adelaide, Adele, Agatha, Agnes, Aili, Aine, Alba, Alcyone, Alice, Alienor, Allegra, Alma

  • User List: for my future daughter

    , Bluebell, Alexis, Blythe, Ali, Bonnie, Alia, Aliana, Briana, Alice, Brianna, Alila, Alina, Brianne

  • User List: Squad Names

    Abbie, Ace, Adam, Aj, Alec, Alex, Alexis, Ali, Alianna, Alice, Alina, Aliyah, Allen, Allison, Ally

  • User List: EOWAYNE-UK

    , Aberdeen, Adair, Ainsley, Adair, Aili, Ailsa, Ainsley, Alwyne, Balliol, Breck, Bruce, Caelan, Clyde

  • List: 4 Letter Boy Names

    , Pepo, Pepe, Josh, Joss, Jovi, Juan, Jude, Juda, Jule, Juli, Juie, June, Joos, Jost, Tuto, Jusa

  • User List: Unusual Girl Names

    , Maelys, Mairead, Celeste, Arleigh, Cecily, Baillie, Audi, Capri, Moon, Stormie, Tempest, Brooklynn