Unisex Names Starting With M

Unisex names starting with M are dominated by two male cultural icons whose names are nevertheless much more popular for girls in the US today: Morgan and Marley. The most popular unisex M name with an almost-even gender split, Murphy, is another surnamey pick with celebrity cred.

Along with Morgan and Marley, other M unisex names ranking in the US Top 500 for either girls or boys include Madison, Mason, Maverick, Max, and Milan.

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But with M among the most popular initials overall, there are plenty of other tempting M-starting unisex names to choose from.

Unique gender-neutral M names our members have used for real include celestial Mercury (boy) and Mars (girl), and art-inspired Miro (boy) and Matisse (girl). For more marvelous M names that work for both genders, browse our full bill, continued below, or use the alphabet to search unisex names starting with other letters.