Unique Girls Names Starting with P

Move aside Patricia and Pamela — the new most popular P names for girls in the US include only one traditional pick: Top 30 name Penelope.

But if it’s unique P girls’ names you’re looking for, you’re in luck! There are hundreds of rare but appealing P-starting options which don’t appear in the US Top 1000 at all.

Among our favorite unique P-starting names for girls are the mythological Persephone, the lovely Indian option Priya, and the pretty floral Primrose.

Along with Primrose, rare P girls’ names which are loved across the pond include Pippa, Polly, Philippa, Pixie, Pola and Peggy, which all rank in the Top 500 girl names in England and Wales.

Find the perfect unique P name for your baby girl in our full list, below.