Unique Girl Names Starting With F

F names for girls are among the rarest in the alphabet: F is right down with Y and Q as one of the least-used initials for girls' names.

That makes the fresh initial F the perfect place to start in your search for a unique baby name for your little girl! None of the fabulous F-starting girl names in the list below makes the US Top 1000 today.

Unique F girl names we recommend include feisty Fifer, short and sweet Fia, and gentle Faye.

Along with Fia, which is popular in Ireland, other rare F names for girls that rank highly in Europe include Faustine (France), Frieda (Germany) and Fenna (the Netherlands). But all would make for fresh and funky choices elsewhere in the English-speaking world!

Find the perfect unique F name for your baby girl in our full list, below.

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