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  • Raina

    Strong and solid, with a touch of foreign intrigue, it's the most popular of the rain-related names, with a variety of pronunciations—RAY-na, rah-EE-na, or RY-na. Alternate spellings Reyna and... Read More 

  • Royal

    Word names may not be gendered in English, but Royal was used mostly for boys—as in Wes Anderson's anti-hero Royal Tennenbaum—until Lil' Kim named her daughter Royal. And why not? It's got a rich... Read More 

  • Ramona

    Ramona is a Sweet Spot name--neither too trendy nor too eccentric. Kids will associate it with the clever Ramona Quimby character in the series of books by Beverly Cleary, also seen on TV. It was... Read More 

  • Rosalyn

    True Blood may be the reason that variation Rosalyn has retained some popularity while the original Rosalind still languishes. Moderately popular in the middle of the last century,... Read More 

  • Rylan

    A unisex name, Rylan plays on many popular baby names, including Ryan and Riley. For boys, the trendy Rylan rose from its entry to the US Top 1000... Read More 

  • Raquel

    Attractive name popular in the Latino community, long identified with half-Bolivian actress Raquel Welch.Read More 

  • Rosalee

    Rosalie has officially been revived, sitting just outside the Top 200 in 2018. And as with many on-trend baby names, the creative spellings have started to roll in. Rosalee is one of the least... Read More 

  • Renee

    Chic in the fifties, now kept in the public eye mainly by actress Zellweger. Variations include Rene, Renae, and Renny.Read More 

  • Robin

    Sounded bright and chirpy in the fifties and ranked in the Top 100 until 1980, but by now Robin has lost much of its lilt. For a girl, consider a sprightlier-sounding bird name: Deryn, Lark,... Read More