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  • Thatcher

    Thatcher is an open and friendly freckle-faced surname, fresher sounding than Tyler or Taylor, that dates back to the days of thatched-roof cottages. It is catching on with modern parents—it... Read More 

  • Terry

    One of the first breakaway unisex baby names, Terry, used independently since the days of Terry and the Pirates, is still used for boys though it's... Read More 

  • Trent

    This strong single-syllable boys’ name has been finding favor with parents since the fifties, though it's been slipping in recent years; it fell out... Read More 

  • Tristen

    Variation of Tristan.Read More 

  • Turner

    Turner is a name that's both preppy and painterly, recalling the exquisite watercolor seascapes of British painter J.M.W. Turner. An occupational name in the Taylor-Carter mold, Turner is a more... Read More 

  • Tru

    The nickname of writer Capote can also be seen as a shortened spelling of the virtuous TRUE.Read More 

  • Terrance

    Variation of Terence.Read More 

  • Toby

    This jaunty unisex nickname name has recently been given a shot of testosterone via actor Tobey Maguire and the gruff, erudite character on West Wing.Read More 

  • Tristian

    Combination of Tristan and Christian that is beginning to catch on. Read More