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Top Boy Names Starting with G

  • Grey

    The girls have Violet and Scarlet and Ruby and Rose, but for the boys there's a much more limited palette of color names. Grey/Gray is one exception, which could make for a soft and evocative—if... Read More 

  • Guillermo

    As with Guillaume (see above), Liam, Willem, and Wilhelm, everyday Williams in their own countries, Guillermo is a captivating possibility here. Giermo, Gigermo, Gijermo, Gillermo, Gillirmo,... Read More 

  • Gary

    When Gary cracked the Top 10 in 1950, it was one of the first nonclassic boys’ names to do so, largely due to Gary (born Frank) Cooper, who was... Read More 

  • Graysen

    Surname name Grayson has become quite popular in recent years, bringing with it Gray, Grey, Greyson, and, yes, Graysen.

    Former professional hockey player Neil Little has a son named Graysen.Read More 

  • Gordon

    As this long-term Age of Jordans, both male and female, begins to wind down, the neglected Scottish favorite Gordon, with its more distinguished history, could come back as a distinctive... Read More 

  • Gatlin

    Gatlin has risen into the Top 1000 in recent years on the strength of its association with the Olympic champion sprinter Justin Galtin as well as the Gatlin Brothers of Nashville fame. There's... Read More 

  • Gerald

    Both a saint's name and a presidential one via Gerald Ford—who was born Leslie—Gerald is a quintessential 1930s-40s name, when it ranked as high as Number 19. Hence all those nice middle-aged and... Read More 

  • Genesis

    Though Genesis is a Top 100 girls' name, it's by all rights a unisex choice. And really, there's nothing intrinsically female about Genesis, unless you use nickname Gen which sounds exactly like... Read More