Boy Names Starting With E

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Top Boy Names Starting with E

  • Eduardo

    A stalwart of Latin nomenclature that could work just as well for Anglos. Read More 

  • Ellis

    Ellis is one of the less used names in the currently popular El-family. It is a popular Welsh name in its own right, sometimes spelled Elis, and also an English surname derived Elijah, by way of... Read More 

  • Edwin

    Some might be surprised to learn that Edwin has been a consistent presence on the popular names list since statistics have become available. ... Read More 

  • Edgar

    Edgar is an Old English name historically associated with the tenth century English king known as Edgar the Peaceful. There was also a King Edgar of Scotland.

    Edgar has been a stalwart... Read More 

  • Erik

    Gives a slightly updated feel to the stale Eric.Read More 

  • Elian

    This variation has the popular Eli (or for femalies Elli) prefix and nickname.Read More 

  • Emanuel

    Fewer letters does not always mean easier—the traditional spelling is the one most people will recognize.Read More 

  • Esteban

    One of several Latino favorites on U. S. popularity lists—solid and strong.Read More 

  • Enrique

    This is an appealing name that could cross cultural borders, but it has lost ground in recent years.Read More 

  • Eden

    This Biblical name was rising dramatically for boys, but has plateaued in recent years. Although it's more popular for girls, it's a delightful unisex choice.Read More