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  • Blog Post: Beatrix Potter Names: Jemima & Jeremy

    By Nephele   Beatrix Potter (1866-1943) is a beloved children's picture book author and

  • Blog Post: One Hit Wonders: Beatrix, Baker & Boone

    back?  GIRLS Alabama        1881   #944 Beatrix           1883   #760 Beyonce

  • Blog Post: Beatrix Potter names beyond Peter Rabbit

    By Nephele Beatrix Potter (1866-1943) is a beloved children’s picture book author and illustrator

  • Blog Post: Inspiring Namesake Names from Alice to Beatrix to Wiley

    inspiration from literature, activists, pioneers and an aviator all tied to the month of July. Beatrix

  • Fameberry: Beatrix Carlin

    Jodie Sweetin

  • Fameberry: Vera Lillian Beatrix

    Vern Yip

  • User List: Our B/G twin favorites

    Beatrix, Atticus

  • User List: Baby girl names

    Beatrix, Chiara, Gemma, Serafina

  • User List: Yuck! Hate these names!

    Sharpay, Basil, Hercules, Pietra, Beatrix

  • User List: Baby Girl List

    Beatrix, Celia, Ella, Georgia, Pearl, Stella

  • List: Heroine Baby Names

    , Carson, Flannery, Djuna, Harper, Louisa, Rumer, Vita, Willa, Edith, Beatrix, Georgia, Isadora, Ada

  • List: X Factor Baby Names

    , Xenobia, Beatrix, Bellatrix, Nyx, Roxanne, Dixie, Trixie, Alexandria, Alexa, Maxine, Maddox, Pax, Paxton

  • List: Badass Princess Names

    Ambrosia, Anastasia, Andromeda, Araminta, Augustina, Aurora, Beatrix, Celestina, Corisande, Cosima

  • User List: Alicia's top girl names

    Kerensa, Dahlia, Cecily, Beatrix, Evangeline, Adelaide, Matilda, Iris

  • User List: Girl Names

    Annika, Beatrix, Helena, Kelda, Sterling, Zofia, Zosia, Liv

  • User List: Mary's favourites

    Alexander, Theodore, Dexter, Phineas, William, Annabel, Beatrix, Matilda, Penelope, Amabel

  • Blog Post: Nameberry Picks: 12 Best Bunny Names

    . Bunny rabbits—the cute and the caustic-- have populated children’s stories and cartoons from Beatrix

  • List: Cool Vintage Baby Names

    Beatrix, Josephine, Jasper, Tobias, Georgia, Violet, Florence, Alice, Sebastian, Barnaby, Ivy, Ada

  • List: British Girl Names

    Ailsa, Alice, Amelie, Annabel, Anwen, Arabella, Araminta, Beatrix, Catriona, Cerys, Clementine

  • User List: My favorite names

    Magnus, Olive, Hazel, Pearl, Evelyn, Clementine, Augustine, Beatrix, Atticus, Penelope

  • User List: Girl Names

    Agnes, Beatrix, Juniper, Mabel, Margot, Mavis, Rowena, Sylvie, Vera

  • User List: My Favorite Names

    Ian, Ines, Luz, Lux, Cruz, Beatrix, Iris, Antonie, Roman, Marlowe, Dax, Isolde

  • User List: Girls Names

    Carys, Rose, Pearl, Iris, Coral, Isla, Sabine, Rowena, Beatrix, Evangeline, Juliet, Adelaide, Annabel, Gemma, Magnolia

  • User List: My Favorite Girl Names

    Adeline, Ameline, Aurora, Treacy, Willoughby, Zalia, Treacy, Gemma, Madalynn, Beatrix, Hazel

  • User List: The Top Picks

    Delaney, Huxley, Juno, Leary, Leslie, Luna, Nova, Raoul, Robin, Stella, Beatrix, Pheonix, Hannah, Geoffrey, Lila, Arthur

  • Blog Post: Hunger Games Names: Best bets for babies

    revival of classics like Edward and Bella? Or bring to the fore some more unusual choices like Beatrix

  • User List: Unnamed List

    Wyclef, Zuzu, Rex, Beatrix, Jonquil, Julian, Vaughn, Harper, Jasper, Maddox, Odette

  • User List: Unnamed List

    Annabelle, Beatrix, Cordelia, Cora, Eliza, Emmeline, Felicity, Genevieve, Georgia, Juliet, Louisa, Matilda, Rose, Susannah, Tess, Violet

  • User List: Favorite Girl Names

    Selena, Cantara, Story, Emerson, Sabrina, Valentina, Linnea, Alice, Lilah, Beatrix, Marina, Claire, Rue, Edith

  • List: Princess Names

    , Josephine, Ariana, Wilhelmina, Maxima, Catharina, Beatrix, Carmen, Victoria, Elisabeth, Therese, Marie