Top Baby Names in 2028

Nameberry’s exclusive analysis of Social Security data on baby name trends has revealed the Top 1000 baby names of 2028—probably. While we can’t exactly predict the future, this list gives us an idea of some of the trends to look for in the decade ahead.

According to our predictions, the most popular baby names of 2028 will be Charlotte and Liam.

Along with Charlotte, the other most popular girl names of 2028 include Amelia, Harper, Emma, and Olivia. Along with Liam, the other most popular boy names of 2028 include Mateo, Maverick, Noah, and Lincoln.

Kinsley, Paisley, Eleanor, and Everly are among the girl names we believe will rise the most in use between now and 2028. For boys, we predict Easton, Jameson, Jaxson, and Ezra will rise the fastest. Kaitlin, Dayanara, Isis, and Ashlee are likely to fall the furthest for girls, and Braeden, Braden, Jaydon, and Aidan (sense a theme?) are among those forecasted to drop the most in use for boys.