Most Popular Names in Turkey

The most popular names in Turkey for 2020 were Zeynep — the Turkish variation of the common Arabic name Zaynab — and Yusuf. Yusuf is the Arabic variation of Joseph. It has ranked among Turkey's Top 5 baby names since 2000 and is rising in the US as well.

Along with Zeynep, other popular girl names in Turkey include Elif, Defne, Asel, and Azra. In addition to Yusuf, the top boy names include Miraç, Eymen, Ömer Asaf, and Ömer.

Many lunar-themed names rank among the most popular names in Turkey because the stylish root ay means "moon." They are particularly common for girls — Miray, Belinay, and Aysima are the highest-ranking feminine moon names, while Aybars is the only one that charts for boys.

Turkey is a majority Muslim country, and many of their popular baby names are variations of Arabic names with Islamic significance. A number of Muslim names with uniquely Turkish roots appear on the charts, such as Beren and Damla for girls, and Yağız and Erdem for boys.