Popular Names for Dogs 2020

Popular names for dogs follow many of the trends set by popular names for babies, sharing several names at the top of both lists, such as Bella and Max. In fact, every single name among the Top 10 Names for Dogs is also a people name, including Bear given that animal names are now being used for babies.

Along with Bella, names that are trendy for both female dogs and babies include Luna, Lucy, Daisy, and Lily. Along with Max, popular names for male dogs and humans include Charlie, Cooper, Buddy, and Rocky.

Common names for dogs that you won't find on the list of most popular baby names include food names such as Peanut, Oreo, and Sugar, as well as terms of endearment including Baby, Honey, and Lady.

While there’s no authoritative national count of popular dog names, statistics from several reliable sources were combined to calculate these names most popular for thousands of dogs in the US.