Most Popular Names in Belgium

The most popular names in Belgium for 2020 were Olivia — also the most popular girl name in the United States — and Arthur, a rising choice throughout Europe and the English-speaking world.

Along with Olivia, other popular girl names in Belgium include Emma, Mila, Louise, and Lina. In addition to Arthur, other top boy names include Noah, Jules, Louis, and Liam.

The national languages of Belgium are French, German, and Dutch — origins that are well represented among the Belgian Top 100. Top French names include Camille and Raphaël, German picks include Lotte and Mathis, and popular Dutch names include Romy and Miel. Arabic names are also strongly represented in Belgium, including Noor and Anaya for girls, Mohamed and Rayan for boys.

The most popular names in Belgium include many choices that enjoy international popularity in North America, Europe, and Australia and New Zealond. Along with Olivia, Emma, Noah, and Liam, these internationally popular names Ella, Eva, and Julia for girls; Finn, Oscar, and Hugo for boys.

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