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    You are a twenty year old woman, Natalie Jane Evers, studying Education in college. You grew up in a small town in Ireland, and have always wanted to travel around the world. When you got to college, you knew you had to study abroad, and so for your sophomore year you've decided to spend the whole year in India.

    What are you studying?
    3. Education (as an ESL teacher)

    Where did you grow up?
    1. Ireland

    Where did you go?
    1. India

    When you get there, you meet your host family, a lovely couple with four daughters, Reva, Priyanka, Indira, and Lakshmi. You blend really well with them and grow to love them. You spend the next few months exploring the whole country, every monument, every museum, every inch! You send lots of postcards and pictures to your family back home.

    What happens next? (according to country you traveled to)
    1. INDIA: While exploring the Taj Mahal, for the third day, your tour guide charms you. When your tour is up, you linger a little bit and he invites you to dinner at a fancy restaurant. You accept happily and by dessert, you're in love with him.
    Name: Kartik Prem

    You and Kartik spend the rest of the year together and at the airport to fly you home, he proposes! For (ROLL DICE) months, you send lots of love letters and then, he flies back out and you get married in the summer!


    You honeymoon in his home country. After a lot of discussion, you decide you never want your kids to live the boring humdrum life you led. You two are both adventurous, so you decide to buy a luxury r.v. instead of a home, and you begin to travel the world! First off, you travel to Russia. You find a job as ESL teacher and your husband too. You stay for 3 years, and become pregnant too! You name the baby (NAME).

    Even is a girl, odd is a boy. First names from:
    Name: Miranda Ivy Prem

    From here on out, roll the dice to see how many more times you get pregnant. Each baby will have a middle name from a different country, because that's the country you were in when they were born.

    1. Roll dice for gender, even is a girl, odd is a boy.
    Girl FN:
    Name: Charlotte Lorelei Prem (Germany)

    2. Multiples!
    5. Triplets

    Roll dice for genders. 2 boys and a girl
    Names: Honor Francesca, Callum Luca, and Rupert Marco Prem

    3. Roll dice for gender.
    Name: Evangeline Alix Prem (France)

    4. Roll dice for gender.
    Name: Miles Ali Prem (United Arab Emirates)

    5. Roll dice for gender.
    Name: Violet Magdalena Prem (Poland)

    Now list your world traveler family (with pictures and whatever other details you might like)! Hope you liked it!

    Natalie & Kartik

    Miranda Ivy (Russia) -

    Charlotte Lorelei (Germany)-

    Honor Francesca (Italy) -

    Callum Luca (Italy) & Rupert Marco (Italy)-

    Evangeline Alix (France)-

    Miles Ali (UAE) -

    Violet Magdalena (Poland)-
    Violet Gray
    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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