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    Question WDYT of these mythology names?

    First Names
    Echo - like on male the best.

    Middle Names
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    First Names
    Mercury - It's ok
    Thor - Too tied to mythology and the recent movies.
    Echo - Don't like it.
    Loki - Meh.
    Perseus - It's ok.
    Paris - I think of Paris Hilton.
    Phoenix - Don't like.
    Sirius - Don't like.
    Theseus - It's ok.
    Tristan - Love!
    Aries - Don't like.

    Middle Names
    Launcelot - Don't like.
    Atlas - Not a fan.
    Zephyr - Meh.
    Hermes - It's ok.
    Mordred - Don't like.
    Excalibur - Way too much of a name.
    Loki - Meh.
    Llyr - Too odd for me.
    Odysseus - Too much of a name.
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    I like Paris, Tristan, and Hermes (though I prefer Hermès by a landslide), and I LOVE Atlas.
    I dislike the rest, though, sorry.
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    First Names

    Mercury - Maybe if you nn him Merry
    Thor - like PP, too tied to movies for right now. I'd opt for Thaddeus/Thad if you like this one a lot.
    Echo - I do like this, but for a girl. Joss Whedon did it to me!!
    Loki - How mischievous do you want you son to be? Also will probably become a popular a pet name because of the movies, though I doubt many in the US would be brave enough to use it for a baby.
    Perseus - Love. Nn Percy.
    Paris - It's okay. I always think of the poor chump from Romeo & Juliet.
    Phoenix - Okay.
    Sirius - Sirius Black, Sirius XM. Damn you, popular culture! I would name a black dog this in a heartbeat though.
    Theseus - Like in theory, don't know how it would play IRL.
    Tristan - Like.
    Aries - Reeeeally like.

    Middle Names

    Launcelot - Wife stealer!
    Atlas - Liked this for myself potentially but can't get over the image of the world weighing on my son's shoulders.
    Zephyr - Two thumbs up.
    Hermes - Maybe.
    Mordred - No, please. Inbred traitor, eek!
    Excalibur - NN Cal? Or Ex? It doesn't seem to roll off the tongue for everyday use?
    Loki - See above.
    Llyr - Prefer Lyra for a girl.
    Odysseus - Odi?

    Mythology names seem to be tough, just because they have soooo much tied to them. Especially when it comes to Greek mythology, most of the characters were afflicted, mean, or just downright flaky!

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    First Names
    Mercury -- I like Hermes better (and you can't have both ^_^)
    Thor -- I like it, but it's not my favorite Norse myth name.
    Echo -- Really dislike this for a boy. She's a girl in the mythology. Why change the gender?
    Loki -- Love as you can see by my signature. He's a misunderstood person, mischievous but he always fixes the problems he makes. I actually know one little boy named Loki. I think he's 6.
    Perseus -- I really like it but don't like Percy, which I think it likely to be inevitable
    Paris -- To girly right now.
    Phoenix -- LOVE! I know one of these 2. Nix is a cool nickname
    Sirius -- I think people will think about Harry Potter, but I really like it
    Theseus -- I like this a bit more than Perseus.
    Tristan -- Love it! It has such a romantic sound
    Aries -- I don't like it much.

    Middle Names
    Launcelot -- I like the name but prefer a more mainstream spelling, Lancelot.
    Atlas -- like it! Strong.
    Zephyr -- LOVE So handsome
    Hermes -- I like this much better than Mercury.
    Mordred -- I like it okay, but I've always seen it as Modred.
    Excalibur -- a little much to me
    Loki -- see above
    Llyr -- prefer Lyra on a girl
    Odysseus -- I really like it! Oddie would be a cute nn. -- My Amazon Author Page

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