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    Thoughts on Aoife

    What do you berries think of Aoife (Ee-fa)? I'm in the UK with Irish heritage. Is it good or bad that its close to the popular Eva/Ava/Eve names. Any suggestions for middles? These are some potentials

    Aoife Lark
    Aoife Marie
    Aoife Beatrix
    Aoife Rosalyn
    Aoife Celeste
    Aoife Violet

    or any idea for first names to go with Aoife as a middle?
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    I like Aoife a lot! It would be very unexpected here, but I understand it's more widely used in the UK? I really like Aoife Lark and Aoife Violet from your combos. It is similar to the Eve/Eva/Evelyn/Ava/Evie names, but I think it still stands out in a good way. I do personally prefer Eve (and maybe even Evangeline) to Aoife, but I do like Aoife a lot.

    Good luck!
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    I want to love it, but as someone who has had to spell her name to EVERYONE all her life, that part sort of turns me off. If it's more known in the UK maybe it's not such a big deal
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    I think Aoife is very pretty and usable. To me, it certainly looks and sounds different than the Eve/Eva/Ava bunch as it has an "f" sound rather than a "v" sound. I love Aoife Celeste from your list.

    Aoife Josephine
    Aoife Claire
    Aoife Louise
    Aoife Wren
    Aoife Camille
    Aoife Margaret
    Aoife Jane
    Aoife Charlotte
    All the best,

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    too weird for my tastes
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