View Poll Results: DH's MN Pick vs My MN Pick

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  • Elizabeth Rose

    27 30.00%
  • Elizabeth Jane

    34 37.78%
  • Elizabeth Rose Opal

    21 23.33%
  • Elizabeth Jane Opal

    8 8.89%
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    This is tough! I really like the E.R./initials way of honoring thing you have going here. However, Elizabeth Rose is so expected and boring! On the other hand, Elizabeth Jane is very lovely, and I love the idea of Eliza Jane. It's between that and Elizabeth Rose Opal... You *could* always say Elizabeth is related to Eileen, and there's still the E.C. initials to honor DH's grandma?

    I propose a solution: Elizabeth Rosemarie Jane.

    I used to really love Alice Katherine Jane nn Alice Jane (still like it), so I think using Eliza Jane in this case is still okay.

    Good luck! HTH!

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    Thank you all so much for all of your very helpful insights and suggestions! Hopefully we'll be able to choose a middle soon...I'm driving myself crazy because I really want to have a name picked out! I still have some reservations about Elizabeth...although I think I might just be being pregnant and emotional lol. Once we choose the middle I'll definitely need your help with a nickname!! Thank you again!

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    Could you hyphenate Rose-Opal, so her middle initial would technically still just be 'R'? Is that cheating?

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