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  • Elizabeth Rose

    27 30.00%
  • Elizabeth Jane

    34 37.78%
  • Elizabeth Rose Opal

    21 23.33%
  • Elizabeth Jane Opal

    8 8.89%
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    Quote Originally Posted by frustratedauthor View Post
    In that case, it might be nice to let your DH have this one.
    Hmm, agreed-ish. Maybe it is "his turn" to have a child named after his side, and I totally understand his attachment to the initials (and think its very sweet). So yes I definitely see his point of view.

    But I do think Opal adds something to the otherwise very classic and expected (albeit still stunning) Elizabeth Rose. So for that reason I'm keeping my vote with Elizabeth Rose Opal / Elizabeth Opal Rose
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    LOVE Elizabeth Jane nn Eliza Jane! That song is adorable, I play it for my kids all the time. And the full name + nickname combo is just so very sweet. Elizabeth to me feels like a little black dress. Sweet, simple, and classic...never going out of style. Eliza is my favorite nn, Jane one of my favorite mn's.


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    Elizabeth Rose Opal. Sorry hubby, but I think your point of view is pretty selfish. As others said, adding Opal doesn't take away from your grandmother at all. She will still have the same first initial and last name. And who knows if your daughter will want to use her initials the same way your grandmother did. Not trying to be harsh.

    Anyway, Elizabeth Rose Opal (Elizabeth Opal Rose has better flow to my ears, but either way) is beautiful and classic.
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    Just going to throw this out after reading your detailed descriptions about your name selections.... I like Elizabeth, but what about Cora Rose, which would honor both grandmothers? I know it wouldn't give you the initials E.R, but Cora is a classic name that sounds great with James and John. Good luck!

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    First of all, Elizabeth is fantastic. I believe the name will be an asset to anything she does in life, including any professional career she may pursue. It's a beautiful, classy name. (I know a brilliant attorney who goes by her formal name 'Elizabeth,' and it suits her perfectly.)

    Secondly, in spite of being biased towards Jane (as it is the middle name of my mother, daughter, and me), I actually prefer Rose as a middle name for Elizabeth. Jane is lovely, but I think Rose is more unexpected and adds wonderful brightness to the name. Elizabeth Rose is simply gorgeous! Eliza Rose is a cute nn.

    Thirdly, it probably would be okay, but - personally - I would not give an extra middle name to my daughter if my sons had one mn. This little girl will be the baby of the family (at least for now) and is the only girl (at least for now), and I would hesitate to give the impression to my boys that there is any preferential status given to their sister. I'd keep the number of middle names the same, but that's just me. (I had two boys and then a daughter too.) However, if you do end up giving her two middle names, I'm sure you can give a satisfactorily explanation to your boys regarding the desire to honor more than one female namesake, and it will all work out.

    So, my first choice is Elizabeth Rose, and second choice is Elizabeth Jane. My third choice is Elizabeth Opal, which is lovely too.
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