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    Simple Baby Name Game

    Got a bit of spare time :P so I just fancied doing one myself. Ages/pictures- your choice.
    Hope you like it

    Yourself and DH: FN and MN your choice

    Surnames: Taylor, Adams, Magnusson, Lucas, Hughes, Collins, Hall, Ramirez

    If you have a spring birthday: B
    If you have a summer birthday: G
    If you have an autumn birthday: B/G
    If you have a winter birthday: G/G


    If you live in the US: B
    If you live in Europe: G
    If you live in Australia/NZ: B/B
    If you live elsewhere: G

    Girls FN: MN:
    Boys FN: MN:

    If you’re under 20 years old: B/B
    If you’re 20-30: G
    If you’re 30-40: B
    If you’re over 40: G/G

    Are you an owl? (stay up late): B
    Or are you a lark? (early bird): G


    If you have one brother: G
    If you have one sister: B
    If you have more than one brother/sister: B
    You are an only child: G

    Girls and Boys:

    Married?: B/B
    Got a partner?: G/G
    Single Pringle?: G

    Girls and Boys:

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    Yourself and DH: Emilia Sky and Asa Theodore Hall

    If you have an autumn birthday: B/G Rose Madeline and Phineas Asa Hall *Rosie and Phin*

    If you live in the US: B Fabian Augustus Hall

    If you’re under 20 years old: B/B Harry Frederick and Theodore Louis Hall *Theo*

    Or are you a lark? (early bird): G Camellia Lily Hall *Milly*

    If you have one brother: G Lark Violet Hall

    Single Pringle?: G Hermione Isabel Hall

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    Ontario, Canada
    DW: Nicole Anne Collins
    DH: Jaret Mitchell Collins

    DD: Emma Lucy Collins
    Age: 11 years old

    DD: Aya Sophia
    Age: 9 years old

    DS/DS: Theodore Calvin & Sidney Raymond
    Age: 7 years old

    DD: Daliah Ivy
    Age: 5 years old

    DS: Cruz Hudson
    Age: 3 years old

    DD: Alexa Lilian
    Age: 7 months

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    Me: Kristen Marie Lucas
    Husband: Andrew Joseph Lucas

    1st birth: G/G twins1
    - Claire Elizabeth
    - Grace "Gracie" Katherine

    2nd birth: a boy!
    - Coen William

    3rd birth: a girl!
    - Matilda Pearl

    4th birth: a boy!
    - Vincent Leland

    5th birth: a boy!
    - Jackson "Jack" Matteo

    6th birth: a girl!
    - Abigail "Abby" Christina

    "Claire, Gracie, Coen, Matilda, Jack and Abby"

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