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Thread: Cute Name Story

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    Cute Name Story

    This evening at synagogue, an adorable 5-year-old girl (Elana) brought her new doll. I asked her what the doll's name was, and she said, "Celestia!" I asked Elana if she'd named Celestia herself, and she said, "Yes, it's my VERY FAVORITE name, and I love it SO much that I've named EVERYTHING Celestia!"

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    Aw! So cute.
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    Aw, thats pretty cute.

    My kids dont show much interest in names. My oldest is 5 and still names her bears 'Pinky', 'Bluey' ect. (It depends what colour they are, haha!)
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    Elana has a very sophisticated taste in names for a 5-year-old. Perhaps she's a mini-Nameberry in hiding?
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    Yes, Elana DOES have sophisticated taste for a 5-year-old She's also highly gifted (IQ off the charts), and she very well be a Berry in the making
    Another cute story about her...
    Last year, when she was 4, I brought one of my pet rats (Riversong) into the synagogue's Sunday school. She loved Riversong! - the rat AND the name. I happened to have a toy rat in my purse - a little rubber rat, not particularly cute or pretty - and I showed it to her. She said, "I have the perfect name for her...

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