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Thread: YOUR top ten?

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    1. Audrey
    2. Serena
    3. Sienna
    4. Bridget
    5. Lucy
    6. Cordelia (nn Cora)
    7. Molly
    8. Alice
    9. Josephine
    10. Hazel

    Possible middle names: Nicole, Louise, Joan, Ann, Claire.


    1. Elliott
    2. Nolan
    3. Ian
    4. Theodore (nn Theo)
    5. Callum
    6. Blake
    7. Brennan
    8. Emmett
    9. Logan
    10. Everett

    Middle name ideas: Jude, David, Louis, Benjamin, Curtis

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    Quote Originally Posted by garnet View Post
    Very classic names. I like Cordelia, though I've never even heard the name Sparling. Esther, Amelia, and Jane are all lovely as well, nice solid names.
    I really like Wesley, it's one of those names that's masculine but still 'pretty' in it's way. William Arthur is also a great solid name.
    Seth and Jude are always on my favorite lists.

    Quote Originally Posted by leneke View Post
    How is Kjersti pronounced? Like Kiersti?
    The name Dashiell has been growing on me. I know a little boy by that name and it fits him so well and I think it's cute but still ages well.

    Quote Originally Posted by edenlyla13 View Post
    Leo Alexander
    Elijah William
    Johnathan Heath
    August Hale
    Oliver Phineas
    I love a lot of your boy choices. Leo is one of my favorites. I also really like Oliver and Elijah. I don’t like Johnathan spelled with an H, it feels awkward to me, could be because my father’s name is Jonathan.

    Quote Originally Posted by frustratedauthor View Post
    2. Jasper
    3. Silas Gabriel
    4. William Blaine (my grandfathers) - Will
    5. Gideon
    Gideon is such a lovely strong name. It’s in the same bowl with Wesley for me, strong but pretty. I also like Jasper, though Twilight kinda ruined that for me. Silas is also a nice solid name, and not often used.

    Quote Originally Posted by bluebonnie View Post
    Love this name!!

    You love the flora! I like Ivy a lot, though I prefer Poppy to Posy.
    Lark is a lovely name! It reminds me of Layne.
    I’ve never heard of Finnian only Finnigan, a different spin.
    I like Hugo and Owen a lot

    Quote Originally Posted by vintage moon View Post
    I like Juniper a lot.
    Noah is always nice and I think Zander is a good choice. I’ve never liked the name Patrick though.

    Quote Originally Posted by luvnames View Post
    Love these! Especially Levi!

    My tops are probably



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    This took me a long time to figure out! Hmm. Still not 100% on some of them, but as of right now...

    1. Eleanor Anne
    2. Amelia Ruth
    3. Autumn Elise
    4. Adelaide Juliet
    5. Magnolia Claire
    6. Zola May
    7. Camilla Joy
    8. Eleanora Daisy
    9. Ashlyn Louisa
    10. Anne Hazel

    A couple repeats for the girls; but I see Eleanor and Eleanora as different names. I wouldn't have an Eleanor and an Eleanora, but, you know. I still do like both of them! My boys list feels way less cohesive and sane, haha.

    1. James Riley
    2. Oliver Felix
    3. Owen Colt
    4. Micah Ryan
    5. Frederick Miles
    6. Zachariah Roux
    7. Arthur Horatio
    8. Liam James
    9. Aurelian Finn
    10. Callum Hugh

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