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    Character Names!

    WDYT of the names of my characters from one of my series! Most of the characters are from a fantasy land, so their names maybe a little unusual, but others are from our world, so their names are more normal! Note: I'm only using their first, last, and nickname, if they have any!

    Charlene "Charlie" Paxton
    Brenton "Brent" Draco
    Clarissa Christina "C.C." Albine
    James "Jamie" Sparks
    Blaira Spelling
    Charron (pronounced like Sharron) Gray
    Scarlett Vladimir
    Sabrina "Brinny" Forester
    Fiamma/Fiammetta "Fia" Draco
    (High) Princess Viola
    (Low) Princess Lavinia
    Emma Cassidy "Vega"
    Shevon Daniels
    Jeffrey Razinski "Raz"
    Milo Summers "Thorne"
    Wenda "Wendy" Sparks
    Tazma "Tazzy"
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    I actually think these are pretty tame compared to some of the names in my fantasy series! I've always liked the names Sabrina (my best friend's name) and Clarissa. I'd prefer if Shevon was spelled Siobhan, the original way.
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    I love Scarlett Vladimir!

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