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    Middle Name for Mae?

    Mae has become our top choice for our baby girl due in July. We seem to be struggling to find a middle name though. My top choice at the moment is Thisbe. In fact, I am almost considering it for a first name instead! DH is really liking Belle. While its cute, I think I'd like something more modern and vintage feeling. Here is what we have thought of so far:
    Mae Thisbe
    Mae Belle
    Mae Fiona
    Mae Estelle
    Mae Juliet

    Any more suggestions would be great and we are even open to first names if you think of one that seems to suite this list! Our other top contender for first name is Penelope.

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    Mae Estelle is my fave on your list followed by Mae Juliet. Have you considered using the spelling Maybelle as a first name rather than the Mae Belle combo? That way, you get to choose another name in the middle spot. Some other suggestions.

    Mae Josephine
    Mae Anneliese
    Mae Charlotte
    Mae Caroline
    Mae Sabrina
    Mae Catherine
    Mae Lucille
    Mae Delilah
    Mae Bridget
    Mae Diana
    Mae Isabel
    Mae Beatrice
    Mae Camille
    Mae Daphne
    Mae Sylvia
    Mae Edith
    Mae Felicity
    Mae Annabel
    Mae Celeste
    Mae Rosamund
    Mae Frances
    Mae Simone
    Mae Adeline
    Mae Cecily
    Mae Clementine
    All the best,

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    Mae is sweet but you're right, really hard to find a middle name that goes! Mae Belle just makes me think of Maybelline costmetics (or Mabel, or May ball). I like Josephine from those listed, or Cliodhna (just sprang to mind). To me, it needs a 3-syllable mn starting with a consonant. If that's any help...

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    because its a short fn it really needs a longer mn
    Mae Emmanuelle
    Mae Annabelle
    Mae Victoria/Victorie
    Mae Cordelia
    Mae Kimberly
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    I like Mae Juliet

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