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    catloverd Guest

    Suggest Names Based On My Favorites

    I love the name Luna and Ezra. My fiance' isn't "in love" with either, but he is okay with the names. He likes the boy's name "Bryce" and I do too, but his name is Brendan and I wanted to avoid repeating first letters, so no B or D names. We also like Everett.

    Other favorites:
    Euphemia (Euphie) - Fiance' doesn't like
    Flora - Can't use (he has a niece named Nora, so we don't want to seem rhymey)
    Michelle - Can't use (a close friend of mine's name)
    Alice - Can't use (his sister's name is Allison, too closely related)
    Emmett - Twilight reference deemed it unusable
    Severus - Harry Potter reference, so fiance' hates it
    Brielle (Brie) - Can't use (starts with B)
    Nathaniel - Can't use (hate the nicknames nate/nathan)

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    catloverd Guest
    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Girls - Abigail, Georgianna, Anne, Charlotte, Claire, Genevieve, Annette, Eliza, Felicity, Hannah, Noelle, Eugenie, Grace, Phoebe, Philippa, Cecilia, Cecily, Elizabeth, Hollis, Piper, Lorelei, Vivienne, Paige, Carolina, Isobel, Lucy, Molly, Georgia, Victoria, Naomi

    Boys - Bobby Sparklefritz until H can offer suggestions. Ones I like: Rory, Owen, Tyler, Ian, Elliot, Alexander, Ephraim, Levi, Jacob, Reid, Avery, Nathan, Miles, Jasper, Spencer, Toby, Dean, Philip

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    catloverd Guest
    I don't like Eugenie or Eugenia, both sound like the name for a Genie. I also think Eugene is a better boys name.

    Of your list I like:
    Noelle and Ian (I can't use Ian though since I know someone name Ian)

    But I don't love either one really. I think your style is a lot different than mine....

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    Some suggestions:

    Euphemia - I actually love this. I have a soft spot for the "eu" names, they're all so vintage and charming. Eudora (rhymes with Nora, but the extra syllable might help a little); Eulalia; Euna; Eurydice?

    Flora - I think it's really cute. Fleur (the French version); Flor (the Spanish one)? Or other flowers like Jasmine; Violet?

    Michelle / Brielle - Other "elle" endings like Claudelle; Estelle; Gabrielle; Giselle; Mirabelle; Zoelle?

    Alice - I adore this! It's on my own list. Similar classics like Clara; Eve; Iris; Jane?

    Emmett - Maybe Corbett?

    Severus - A little much for me with the HP reference too, to be honest. HP has some great names, this isn't one. Similar ones might be Severin; Silas; Silvanus?

    Nathaniel - Very classic yet interesting. Others like Lucas; Matthias; Nicholas; Raphael; Timothy?

    I hope these help, good luck!

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