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    Exclamation Boys List [Updated]

    I have so many names, I'd like to get rid of some more. I have gotten rid of many already! WDYT? I don't plan on having children anytime soon, but still I have a lot! lol. I also have names down for middle names but didn't list those. I love nature, old fashioned, literature, movie, etc type names. * means they have meanings behind why I used/using them.

    Addison Auden Ainsley Ace Avis Arizona Azure Bay Cheyenne Dune September Storm Knight Jericho Robert Octavius Emerson Madison Tuesday Sage Rune Sonnet December November Sunday Hadley Calico Eden Thursday Friday Honor

    Special Meaning Names [For Me]
    Archer Arkham Amadeus Apprentice Amsterdam Brooklyn Bear Balthazar Chance Clyde Canyon Dorian Ocean October
    Sherlock Quest Madden Picasso Perseus Othello Gatsby Hamlin Edison Bastian Remus Story London Huckleberry Egypt Townsend Toulouse Loki Disney Churchill Logan Earth

    Name Combos: I don't think there are any repeats?
    Aries Schindler *
    Atticus Gary *
    Anakin Jade *
    Regan Mercury
    Sirius Orion
    Aesop Nicodemus *
    Ender Totoro *
    Paris Xanthos *
    Edward Balthazar
    Nazareth Emmanuel *
    Lex Lucius *
    Indigo Stardust
    Athens Pompeii *
    Damian Nightwing *
    Fagan Walter *
    Basil Alfred
    Benjamin Zenon *
    Elijah Booker *
    Bruce Wayne *
    Caspian Michelangelo *
    Clark Addison
    Kalel Clark *
    Captain Robert
    Chester Hemingway *
    Damon Eclipse
    David Journey *
    William Scarlet *
    Thor Magnus *
    Mercury Loki *
    Sky Maximilian
    River Jordan *
    Lazarus Abednego *
    Romeo Valentine *
    Maximilian Thor
    Sparrow Kalel *
    Robin Grayson *
    Indiana Atreyu *
    Harper Lee *
    Fox Evangelos
    Arrow Oliver *
    Echo Seiji *
    Edmund Riley
    Emerson Bernard
    Hamlet Lysander *
    Harlowe Frederick
    Haven Edgar
    Hazel Warren *
    January Elahrairah *
    Journey David *
    Moses Elijah *
    Norman Huckleberry *
    Peregrine William
    Phoenix Nightingale *
    Shepherd Thomas
    Shiloh Moses
    Rain Joplin
    Oliver Arrow *
    Squire Morgan
    Thaddeus Rupert
    Tennessee Samuel
    Thomas Batman * - Batman is a [real] surname just to let you know.
    Tobias Bale
    Walter Ian
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    I've really enjoyed reading through your lists, although many of them aren't my style it's great to see such imagination, creativty and the ability to be unique without using a different spelling of Jayden, lol.

    Anakin Jade
    Maximilian Thor
    Elijah Booker
    Caspian Michelangelo
    Clark Addison
    Chester Hemingway
    River Jordan
    Harper Lee
    Tobias Bale (Tobias Hale would be better)
    Thaddeus Robert
    Shiloh Moses
    Moses Elijah

    Sirius Orion
    Aesop Nicodemus
    Aries Schindler (Would get questions about whether he was an Aries or not but if Leo works?!)
    Fagan Walter
    Benjamin Zenon
    Thor Magnus
    Sky Maximilian
    Romeo Valentine (Maybe a little too lovey dovey - a lot to like up to!)
    Robin Grayson
    Oliver Arrow
    Shepard Thomas
    Peregrine William

    Edmund Riley
    Emerson Bernard
    Hamlet Lysander *
    Harlowe Frederick
    Haven Edgar
    Echo (Prefer for a girl though!)

    David Journey
    Basil Alfred
    Walter Ian
    Squire Morgan
    Hazel Warren (Hazel is too girly)

    Just No:
    Regan Mercury
    Ender Totoro
    Nazareth Emmanuel (Too much!)
    Lex Lucius (Lex Lugar, the wrestler?)
    Bruce Wayne (NO!!!)
    Lazarus Abednego
    Thomas Batman
    Tennessee Samuel
    Rain Joplin
    Norman Huckleberry
    January Elahrairah
    Florentina Arleen Belle & River Isaac James

    Zeke Gabriel Asher - Atlas Xavier Louis - Oren Zachary Jude
    Bear William Oscar - Leif Sebastian Arthur
    Pandora Ottilie Winter - Indira Persephone Rose - Elowen Matilda Carys
    Adelaide Junia Scarlet - Clemency Eden Willow

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