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    Thoughts on Luka?

    Although for quite a long time now I have had Luca on my short list of names, it's never really jumped out at me, but in playing around with spelling variations of my favourites today, as soon as a swapped the 'c' our for a 'k', the name really jumped out and demanded my attention.

    While comments on Luca would be great, I am most definitely preferring Luka at the moment, and would greatly appreciate opinions on the name with that spelling as well.

    As for combos, I am currently looking at Luka Nathaniel, though that is subject to change should I find a name I like better, as Nathaniel doesn't really have much significance to me - I just like the sound and look of it.

    After-thought: If spelled Luka, would it be more prone to being mistakenly written as Luke, than if it were to be spelled Luca?
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    I think Luka would get Luke a lot more than a Luca. I do like the K spelling, but prefer Luca. Luka Nathaniel is awesome. Luka Tadhg would be cute, too, though and have more significance to you.
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    I had Luca on my shortlist too. I just love the name. My husband canned the name after he found out it is starting to become more popular for girls. The K spelling definately makes it seem more masculine though, and Luka Nathaniel sounds terrific!

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    I used to adore the name Luca, but it got a little too popular in the UK for me. However, I did once have Lukas on my list too, and I think it is quite interesting with the K and I'm never one to change spellings. The Luka/Lukas spellings are fairly popular in Germany, Poland and Austria, I do believe. I do think most people would assume it would be spelt with a 'C' but I don't mind it either way.

    Luca Nathaniel or Luka Nathaniel would be a great combo, really like both names.
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    I really like Luca (that spelling). I think it's strong and handsome, but I think Luka would get mistaken for Luke more often than Luca. -- My Amazon Author Page

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