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    Grandma: Delphine Lois (1931) sisters were Jean Genevieve, Leona (died shortly after birth), Gloria Lavonne, Merle Elaine
    Grandma: Marlys Jane (1930), sister Rochelle

    Great Grandma: Louise Emelie (Louise or derivation has been in every generation since as first or middle, born 1901), sisters Emma, Mina Dorothea (went by Dorothy), Marie Ragna, Selma (Louise is Delphine's mom)
    I'm blanking on names from the other sides of my family.

    for fun: naming history on my mom's Norwegian side since I happen to have our Genealogy handy:
    Great Great Grandma: Dina Emelie (1872- Louise Emellie's mother), sisters Mina, Berthe Maria
    Great Great Great Grandma: Berthe Marie (1837-Dina Emelie's mother)

    sisters-in-law of Berthe Marie include Karine, Inger Dorthea, Anne Catrine, Berthe Marie (yes, same name), cousins include Berte Karine, Even, Inge Maria, Anne Catrine (yes, same name again), and Inge Marie (Inge Marie & Inge Maria are sisters!)
    Then great x5 aunts (b. 1798-1807) include Inger Margrethe, Anne Maria, and Anne Catine (again)
    Great x4 Grandma Berthe (also-b. 1805)
    great x5 Grandma Magnhild (b.1765)
    Great x6 Grandma Mari
    so... a little longer than 100 years ago!

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    This is really really bad but I only know three :/ my family is so big, it's hard to remember!

    Josephine Ruby
    Kathleen ?
    Gertrude ?
    Teenaged name lover

    Current girls- Luna, Juliet, Scarlett, Isobel, Bellatrix, Magdalena, Hermione, Isolde, Penelope, Aurora and Katniss

    Current boys- Henry, Max, Jack, Romeo, Edward, Michael, William, Jonathan, Theodore, Zachary, Louis and Gabriel

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    Patricia Anne (b. 1940, USA)
    Magdalena (b. 1936, Yugoslavia)

    Great grandmothers:
    Aniela (b.1895, Poland)
    Anna (b.1910, Yugoslavia)
    Anna Mary (b. 1914,USA)
    Cecilia Catherine (b. 1908, USA)

    Great-Great Grandmothers
    Theresia Rose (1880)
    Maria (1868, Austria)
    Agnetta Helena (1872, Norway)
    Agnes J (1887, USA)
    Kristina (unknown, Yugoslavia)

    Great-great-great and beyond grandmothers:
    Marija (1852)
    Katarina (1817)
    Ana (1786)
    Marija Ursula (1853)
    Anna (1802, 1808, 1812, 1818, 1838, 1851)
    Catharina (1835 & 1776)
    Bridget (1849, Ireland & unknown date, Ireland)
    Catherine (1824, Ireland)

    Note to self: please half the relatives by naming a daughter Anna Catherine.

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    Grandmother: Marie-Estelle
    Great-grandmothers: Seraphine and Marguerite
    Great-great-grand mothers: Josephine, Anne, Isabelle, Marie-Jeanne
    Great-great-great grandmothers:
    Anne, Marie-Claudette, Pauline, Louise, Christine, Marie-Anne, Camille and Mathilde.

    Grandmother: Catherine Beatrice Mary "Cathy"
    Great-grandmothers: Alice Jane, Mary Ann Elisabeth
    Agatha Louise, Catherine Mary, Edwina, Anna Frances
    Great-great-great-grandmothers: Cathleen, Elsie, Martha, Jane Victoria, Margaret, Josephine, Mary Anne, Helen and Henrietta.
    ~sophie catherine emma~
    19 year old britberry with an addiction for names

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    Wow it surprises me how few of these names I know:

    Mother: Anne (no middle)
    Grandmothers: Elenore (no middle), Patricia Marie
    Great-grandmothers: Mary (no middle), Clara (no middle), Mary (middle?), unknown
    Great-great-grandmothers: Anna (no middle), unknown x 7

    I am actually the first girl in my maternal line to ever have a middle name. I'm not sure if that's common in my heritage (Italian).

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