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    Grandmother: Joyce Ann
    Her mother: Doyne E - She hated her middle name and carried its secret with her to the grave. Started with E.
    Her mother-in-law: Nina Louise

    Grandmother: Jeanne "Jeannie" Lois
    Her mother: Hephzibah "Eppy" Eponine
    Her mother-in-law: Buss
    Adoptive Mother to Be

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    What a fun thread! I have only read up to page 25 so far. But had to come share mine before proceeding. These old names are faves, and a new one for us expected in 3 weeks. Perfect time to roll in the names of the past!

    My side:
    G - J0ycelyn Jean
    G - Mary Alice

    GG - Helen Frances, Alma Pauline, Lily Alyne, Lenore Valzora

    Other notables in my family tree:
    Gulaelma, Nettie, Mehetable "Moonstar" (Cherokee), Minerva Poesy

    G - Flora Emmeline, Dorothea

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    I'm Claire, an Australian teenberry. I love names and kids, but I'm not going to become a mum for at least ten years. Until then, I'm just playing with possibilities.

    For girls, I love:
    Matilda - Iulia - Rosa - Annalise - Linnea - Eva

    For boys, I love: Anders - Reuben - James - Jude - Caspar - Thomas

    Guilty pleasures are: Blaise - Orion - Caspian --- Madelief - Isolde - Hero

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    Quote Originally Posted by jennipea382 View Post
    I'm having a total mind blank on great grandma's names.. I think one of them was Mary though.

    My grandmas are Patricia (can't remember middle name) and Barbara Joan. My fiance's grandma's names are Virginia and Magdelena (goes by Lena). My "third grandma" was Shirley (she's my uncle's mom, not related but was around a lot). I have great aunts named Mary, Marilyn, Thelma and Betty (Barbara's twin sister). Most of them are in their 70s except Lena who is 97.
    My grandmas are Patricia and Barbara too!

    Patricia "Pat" Loraine
    Barbara Marie (Polish)


    Mary (Polish)
    Rebecca "Becky" (Changed from Bryné during immigration, Russian)
    and I think Bonnie?
    *EDIT* My great grandmother was Ethel, called "Polly". Bonnie was Patricia's husband's sister.

    My husband's grandmas:

    Pierina "Pat" Angela (Italian)
    Carmen (Mexican)
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