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    Harriet Helen
    Jacquelyn Faye (Though she's only ever gone by Jacque (pronounced like Jackie) as long as I've been alive.

    Great Grandmas:
    Iris (not sure on middle but her sister's name is Margaret and when they were in school my great grandma was called "Irish" instead of Iris which lead to her little sister being called "Dutch" and for some reason Dutch's nickname stuck. I've never heard her referred to as Margaret.)
    Florence Elizabeth

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    Mabel Maxine (grandma, born 1926)
    Betty Lou (grandma, born 1944)

    Jennifer (great grandma, don't know birth year but she passed away about 1971)
    Sylvia (great grandma, born 1916)
    Marie (Sylvia's husband remarried after her passing in 1983, birth year unknown, but she's still alive)
    Eileen (great grandma, born 1917)

    I'll include great-great grandmas and so on as a bonus!

    Ada (great-x2 grandma, born 1887)
    Grace Leona "Gracie" (great-x2 grandma, born 1896)
    Mary Louisa "Mollie" (great-x3 grandma, born 1871)
    Isabelle "Ibbie" (great-x4 grandma, born 1832)
    Mollie Adeline Nancy Catherine (great-x3 grandma, born 1866. Yes, she had 3 middle names.)
    Rachel (great-x4 grandma, born 1833)
    Betsy (great-x5 grandma, born 1794)
    Mary (great-x6 grandma, not sure of bith year, but she married in 1777)
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    Girls: Sonya, Caroline, Sakura, Carmilla, Terra
    Boys: Conrad, Fain, Marcelo, Serge, Isidoro

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    Off the top of my head, I know my maternal grandmother was Anna Regina, and my paternal grandmother was Olga. I'll have to look up the others!

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