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    Grandmas: Joy Ethel & Clara Louisa
    Great-Grandmas: Rosie and Delphina (I don't know their middle names)
    Elena, Cora, Lyra, Bridget, Anna
    Vincent, Oscar, Laurence, Julian, Milo

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    Grandmothers- Mary Louise and Anolie (nn Nolie with no mn) DH grandmothers- Barbara Ann and Margaret Helen

    Nolie's siblings- Auri Leona, Lily Beatrice (Lily Bea), Gettie Mae and LaVera (called Vera)
    Great grandmothers- Gena Jewel, Mary Ann (double name), Stella Ann, Annie Bessie (double name), Sarah Anna Lavonia (twin Mary Alice Valonia)
    DH great-grandmothers- Ethel Clare, Nancy Genevieve, Eunice Eugenia, Emmy Sarah
    Great aunts- Rachel Louise, Essa Lavinia, Lizzie DeLeon, Mary Nancy (Nan), Clara Belle (double name), Grace Rebecca, Mary Carol (double name), Ann Mariah (double name), Stella Orine, Blanche Elizabeth, Eva Maude, Leutia Pauline, Leila Alberta, Annie May, Mariah Theresa

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    More ancestors of mine or dh from 100 years ago+

    Susie Lillian, Mary Maroline (not a typo), Edith Temple, (Sarah Ellen), (Martha Belle), Kessiah Emily, Nell Elizabeth, (Anna Mary), Ida Bell, Elizabeth Mariah, Lilly May, Catherine Martha, Ruby Rebecca, Lavinia Nancy, Malinda Saphronia, Phoebe Josephine, (Minnie Lee), Mary Vianna, Eunice Ethel, Louvinia Bishop (Ludi), Callie Louvinia, Sarah Nouvella, Eldora Hue, Alma Bertha, Elizabeth Catherinia, (Mary Emiline), Louisa Frances, Clarissa Kenney, Civility Mae, Maridley (rhymes with Jared Lee) Hannah, Begins 1700s--- Margaretha Ramma, Mary Louisa Jane Elizabeth, (Mary Coca), Mary LuLu, Ursula Millie, Everline Bea (Ebby), Lucretia Patcy, Mary Carson, Margaret Lindsay, Daisy Valentine, Permelia March, Jennet Jane, Martha Houston, Penelope Simma, (Mary Easter), Mary Amelia Lanulia, Savannah Evalina, Sinnia Apple, Tabitha Dolby, Mary Polly Grace, Mary Esther, Mary Hayne

    Mine- Clara Pauline, Kathleen Alberta, Alice Buchan, Clara May, Sarah Mariah, Alice Wilma, Essa Mildred, Jewel Jean, Winifred Nancy, (Emma Ann), Nell Dorothy, (Mary Eunice), 1700s- Rachel McBride, Cratch Elizabeth, Nancy Jane, Mary Frances, Margaret Elizabeth Daisy, Lilla Gene, Ola Ann Mae

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    -Beverly Ruth, b: 1929
    -Tineke (pronounced Teen-uh-kuh - one of many dutch names in my tree that's sadly not really usable in the US), b:1923

    -Sara, b:1896
    -Edith (went by Itta), b: 1900
    -Nelly, b: 1894
    -Anna, b: 1886

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