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    I think it's cute, pretty quirky and I think it's an easy name to wear. I'm not speaking from experience or anything, I don't have children, but a lot of people don't share their names because of this kind of reaction. I've just replied to another post about family disliking a name and basically I think if you love the name then use it because if your family and friends love you and your child they will accept his name regardless of whether it is Gino, Apollo, Rocket or Rogue.

    Saying this a teacher I don't think there is any way a little Gino would be teased or bullied about his name, I think other children would like it. It's more interesting than seeing Michael, Matthew or William and a lot better than trendy messes such as Aiddyn, Blaydon, Jayse etc.
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    I think it's awful, mainly because it makes me think of Gynecologist.... and a common short version is Gyno... not sure if you are pronouncing it Guy-no or Gee-no, but I automatically thought, guy-no

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    I like Gino well enough, but it's not my favorite Italian name. I know someone named Giovanni who goes by Gino or Gigi sometimes so I guess I just think of it as a nickname.

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    Dantea's got a good idea- I think Giovanni nn Gino is a good idea. Gino is very old Italian man to me, and the only one I've met was (stereotypically) my father's old barber, now retired.

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    I immediately see "gyno" as in gynecologist as well.... thats what I see wrong with it personally!
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