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    What kind of character would go with these names?

    From these first names what kind of character would you think of, just a word or two would be great. Anything extra would be wonderful


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    Isobel - This spelling makes me think of a New Age-y sort of woman, with long dark hair and a dreamy personality.

    Natalie "Nat" - I imagine a bookish young lady, who's soft-spoken and pleasant, but also brooks no nonsense.

    Kaitlin and Ashlyne - Both make me think of blonde, cheerleader types.

    Faye - A middle-aged mother from the South, with kind eyes.

    Ellie - Young child, under ten, with a mischievous personality and auburn hair.

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    Some of those are pretty close to how I imagine the characters, might do some changing but thanks so much for the reply much appreciated.

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    Isobel - The semi-popular girl who gets along with everyone. Not catty like the super popular girls, maybe a little offbeat but wanting to fit in.
    NatalieNat’ - I picture someone sporty and tomboyish, with brown hair and eyes, maybe freckles?
    Kaitlin - this is my name, and all the people I've known named Kaitlin (this spelling) have been quiet, sensitive, artistic types so I imagine someone like that. Light brown or blonde hair, blue eyes.
    Faye - Someone very dreamy and intuitive. Definitely petite with a light color eye, maybe green or grey.
    Ashlyne - Preppy, overdramatic, somebody who's definitely trying to hard to fit in with the popular crowd. Like a poorer kid wearing designer knockoffs to fit in kind of thing.
    Ellie - Hyperactive and spunky, somewhat dramatic but also insanely smart. Like an everyday mad genius. Brown or red hair, brown eyes.

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    Isobel- Possibly from another country. Dark brown - almost black hair. Olive skin. Thick accent. Sweet, but often misunderstood due to her broken english. Escaped her old country's/town's (maybe Macedonia) poverty and is trying to make a modest life in America/ UK. Maybe as a nurse?

    NatalieNat’- Bookworm. Marches to her own beat. When she attended school she performed in all of the plays and musicals. Very gifted in the performing arts.

    Kaitlin- Young and pretty. Blonde hair and green eyes. Makes poor decisions, but with the help of her family and friends she is trying to get back on the right path.

    Faye- Kaitlin's mother/guardian, or someone that Kaitlin looks up to as a role model. In her mid 40's, she is a smart and independent woman. Not married and not necessarily looking for marriage (but I do picture her finding love). She is starting to age, but is clearly attractive. I picture her working in a setting with teenagers/young adults. Perhaps at a hospital, or psychology type office

    Ashlyne- friends with Kaitlin but drifting away. She is responsible for persuading Kaitlin to make bad decisions. She is around 21. She is wild and spontaneous. Wears heavy eye and lip makeup. Curly blonde hair with dark roots. She doesn't exactly have "one" boyfriend, but many casual male friends.

    Ellie- Another young adult, or maybe even a teenager: 15-19. Has mental issues but really is caring underneath it all. Dark brown glossy hair. She likes to wear boho headbands (the kind that go around one's forehead), yoga pants/spandex, and simple tees with a long glitzy vests. She can very fun until she has a breakdown. Then she will destroy her surroundings until exhausted and just cry.

    Sorry, when I think about a name I tend to get strong images and stories. Then I try to link every character together lol.

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