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    3 or 8. You ADOPT a 7 year old from your community, whose parents were lost in a house fire.
    ROLL: even=boy odd=girl

    Name: Addison Beatrice Miller

    Joe & Caroline w/:
    Rosalie "Rosie" - 6
    Evander "Evan" - 4
    Addison "Addie" - 3 mo.
    Lizette the lizard passed away 2 years ago... R.I.P.

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    Feb 2012
    2 Years Later:
    We heard about a little boy. He is a 7 year old brown haired blue eyed orphan, whose parents died in a fire two months ago. His name is Aidan Jude and we love him with all of our heart!

    Matt & I (29/28)
    Brook & Lake (7)
    Aidan (7)
    Isla Carly, Mia Belle & Jack (3)
    Ginny & Brett (NB)


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    Jul 2012
    DW: Arabella Lila Moore (25) "Bella"
    - photographer
    DH: Harry Colton Simms (27)
    - police officer

    - They were high school sweethearts
    - They live in a Victorian house in Austin
    - Bella's best friend ,Primrose Esther "Prim", and her husband ,Trevor Xander, died in plan crash and they left them their 3 children!

    ADD: Lila May Anderson (She has Bella's middle name as her first name) (11)
    ADD: Iris Joy Anderson (8)
    ADS: Finn Kai Anderson (6)
    DD/DS: Indiana Arabella and Jackson Colton "Jack" (3)
    Dog: Celeste

    -They move to San Diego, CA
    Pruod sister to:

    Annika, Europe, Dawn and Blue

    Favourite names:

    Shiloh, Savannah, Summer, Sarah, Juliette, Erin and Tayla

    Wyatt, Noah, Jesse, Tristan, Brody, Nicholas and Carter

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    Jun 2013
    It has been three years.

    We adopt a seven-year-old girl from out community whose parents were lost in a house fire.
    Her name is Paige Eleanor Nelson.

    Our family:
    Isaac George Phillips (26)
    Mona Bridget Walker (26)
    Kellan Alec Walker (21)
    Laurel Alexandra Walker (19)
    Paige Eleanor Nelson (7)
    Paloma Bridget Phillips (3)
    Thorpe George Phillips (3)

    Geoffrey the cat (5)

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    DW: Katherine Hailey (Foster) Davies, 23. Long auburn hair, green eyes - media, journalist covering social issues

    DH: Jack Charles Davies, 25. Curly dark brown hair, blue eyes - professional soccer player who plays with the New England Revolution.

    Although we attended different schools (He, an all boys private school and I, a coed private school) we met at one of his soccer matches, and became best friends for years before realizing that we were in love. We married one year ago, and we are loving married life.

    Currently living in a beautiful Victorian home in Boston, MA.


    One year later... We relocated to a really cute townhouse because we really love living in the center of a bustling city. More importantly, we have a beautiful baby boy that looks so much like Jack. We are so proud. We name him Elliott Nicholas Davies. We decided Elliott was much more important than me having a full time job, so I cut way back in hours and am now only occasionally doing work from home. Our family loves just spending time together and we love to explore the cities parks, museums, and find new favorite restaurants. Elliott and I also attend almost all of Jack's games and really enjoy the sport. On Jack's off season, we spend a lot of time in Europe exploring cultures and enjoying life together.

    (Oh, we also have a lizard. His name is Ozzy.)


    Two years later... Elliott Nicholas is now three and life has been great. Imogen Hailey Davies is born! She has auburn hair like me, but it's curly like Jack's. She also has his blue eyes.


    Three years later... Gabriel Aidyn joins the Davies family! We are so happy. Jack has a great job, we have three beautiful children, and I am in love with them and their daddy.

    Life is beautiful.

    Jack + Kate, Elliott (6), Imogen (3), and Gabriel (nb) Davies
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