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    BIG Family Quiz Game!

    Child 1:
    If you're...
    A dog person, you have a girl
    A cat person, you have a boy

    First Name:
    If you have a dog- Rosalind, Avery, Marlo//Rufus, Quillan, Alastair
    If you have a cat- Reagan, Ianthe, Mariana//Oberon, Dexter, Milo
    If you have both- Raina, Zoey, Adeline//Xander, Lorenzo, Elijah
    If you have neither- Alexandra, Edie, Maud//Joseph, Icarus, Rhys

    Middle Name:
    If you're wearing...
    Shoes- Ariel, Eleanor, Maren//Lucas, Harper, Kieffer
    Socks- Elaine, Amelia, Gloria//Darwin, Charles, Leonardo
    Nothing- Lilou, Henrietta, Isabel//Kieran, Sean, Louis

    Child 2:
    If your favorite Disney princess is...
    Mulan, Rapunzel, Snow White, Pocahontas, Cinderella, Moana, or Anna, you have a boy
    Merida, Tiana, Belle, Ariel, Aurora, Elsa, or Jasmine, you have a girl

    First Name:
    If you live...
    In North America- Belle, Elspeth, Henley//Maverick, Henry, Jeremiah
    In Europe- Megan, Wilhelmina, Maureen//Finnegan, Nicholas, Aaron
    In South America- Isla, Hazel, Aspen//Otis, Jameson, Matteo
    In Australia/Oceana- Elise, Cynthia, Marie//Lincoln, Roland, Asher
    In Asia- Aria, Amelia, Pandora//Hudson, Eric, Matthias
    In Africa- Charlotte, Mary, Ivy//Oscar, Elliot, Jensen

    Middle Name:
    If you wear makeup regularly (5-7 days a week)- Anya, Gillian, Luella//Kane, Lyle, Marcus
    If you wear makeup occasionally (1-4 days a week)- Leila, Lavinia, Clarissa//Larson, Jackson, Luke
    If you never wear makeup- Olivia, Zosia, Giovanna//Cyrus, Blaise, Griffin

    Children 3 and 4:
    If you're a Gryffindor, you have twin girls
    If you're a Slytherin, you have twin boys
    If you're a Ravenclaw, you have B/G twins
    If you're a Hufflepuff, you have twin girls
    If you don't know which house you're in, you have B/G twins
    If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you have twin boys

    First Names:
    If your Christmasses are usually...
    White- Molly, Nell, Sophie, Adelaide, Calypso, Vivienne//Logan, Rohan, Elias, Julian, Uriah, Theodore
    Sunny- Kaia, Margaret, Ophelia, Piper, Clara, Sofia//Nathan, Noah, Everett, Remington, Ptolemy, Grey
    Cold- Dagmar, Jacqueline, Leda, Scarlett, Thalia, Lottie//Knox, Killian, Alton, Ronan, Lawrence, Castor
    Warm- Sabrina, Calista, Martha, Ariel, Lucille, Soleil//Atlas, Carter, Leo, George, Daniel, Easton
    Unpredictable- Calla, Eliza, Seraphine, Mabel, Rosie, Eliana//Torin, Arthur, Kai, Shepherd, Arlo, Hayden

    Middle Names:
    If you go/went to...
    Public school- Madelief, Carlin, Louisa, Yvonne, Renee, Sierra//Zane, Isaiah, Brooks, Rupert, Samuel, Lee
    Private school- Abigail, Aria, Chloe, Juniper, Brynn, Sage//Wyatt, Paul, Mason, Damien, Michael, Ellis
    Boarding school- Lily, Echo, Arabella, Cecilia, Sybil, Holly//Fox, Calvin, Jude, Tyson, Paul, Christopher
    Home school- Delphine, Noelle, Christine, Nicole, Rose, Mia//Hayden, Brett, Nathaniel, Clark, Neil, Earl
    Magnet school- Virginia, Eleanor, Aurora, Paige, Eden, Kate//Thatcher, Silas, Nolan, Craig, Brian, Adam
    Other- Penelope, Sylvia, Alina, Tamsin, Niamh, Snow//Vincent, Grant, Jeffrey, Kelston, Sterling, Jake

    Child 5:
    If you're playing this...
    On a phone, you have a girl
    On a laptop, you have a boy
    On a desktop, you have a girl
    On an iPad/Tablet/something similar/other, you have a boy

    First Name:
    If you've ever used the phrase/word...
    "On fleek"- Caitlin, Zara, Ava//Jasper, Nate, Andrew
    "Bae"- Genevieve, Anastasia, Victoria//Holden, Rhett, Jacob
    "It's lit"- Skylar, Lotus, June//Cory, Thayer, Hugo
    "Lol" or "Omg"- Elsa, Bronte, Helen//Kenneth, Caspian, Felix
    All or some of the above- Aurelia, Anna, Ivory//William, Emory, Nico
    None of the above- Cerys, Fable, Maisie//Luther, Drew, Alexander

    Middle Name:
    Pick a number in your head. If that number is...
    Even- Beatrice, Astrid, Shiloh//Josiah, Ryder, James
    Odd- Esther, Aveline, Colette//Matthew, Beau, Timothy

    Child 6:
    If your first name starts with...
    A vowel, you have a girl
    A consonant, you have a boy

    First Name:
    If it's...
    Morning- Mila, Briar, Pearl//Axel, Owen, Ezra
    Noon- Rowena, Coral, Oona//Christian, Ivan, Liam
    Afternoon- Juliana, Lillia, Matilda//Elan, Caleb, Tobias
    Night- Zinnia, Aili, Indie//Xavier, Giovanni, Malachi

    Middle Name:
    If you...
    Have more sisters than brothers- Katherine, Danielle, Pandora//Balthazar, Dennis, Angus
    Have more brothers than sisters- Auden, Susanna, Elspeth//Corbin, Wayne, Jonah
    Have an equal number of both- Elena, Ariana, Jade//Colton, Declan, Amos
    Have no siblings- Luna, Selah, Felicity//Quincy, Tobin, Peregrine

    Children 7 and 8:
    If your shirt is...
    Red, pink, orange, or yellow- twin boys
    Blue, purple, or green- B/G twins
    White, black, brown, grey, or multi-colored- twin girls

    First Names:
    If your best friend's first name starts with...
    A to E- Daphne, Norah, Morgan, Alessia, Heidi, Lucy//August, Caius, Magnus, River, Solomon, Bastian
    F to J- Myra, Moira, Brielle, Saskia, Nola, Sadie//Otto, Duncan, Walter, Flynn, Justin, Ryan
    K to O- Elowen, Maebry, Bridget, Maria, Jane, Eva//Morgan, Robert, Duke, Malcolm, Evander, Leon
    P to T- Isabella, Nova, Thisbe, Rachel, Avila, Joanna//Emmanuel, Preston, Eamon, Ethan, Charlie, Hayes
    U to Z- Hope, Twyla, Simone, Clarissa, Evelyn, Katrina//Jack, Ignatius, Graham, Lewis, Arrow, Kyle

    Middle Names:
    If you were born...
    Before 2000- Arwen, Leonor, Wren, Madeleine, Cecile, Amaia//Hugh, Larson, Abram, Edmund, Kevin, Eli
    2000 or later- Tatum, Audrey, Emma, Emily, Aaliyah, Haley//Isaac, Bear, Ransom, Pierce, Miles, Matteo
    Abby|17|Writer|Competitive Dancer|Class of 2017

    Saskia Brynn | Lyra Simone | Twyla Isabel | Geneva Sophie "Evie" | Arliss Zoe
    Seraphina Lily "Phin" | Elsa Leilani | Azula Charlotte "Zuzu" | Neve Ariana


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    Abby|17|Writer|Competitive Dancer|Class of 2017

    Saskia Brynn | Lyra Simone | Twyla Isabel | Geneva Sophie "Evie" | Arliss Zoe
    Seraphina Lily "Phin" | Elsa Leilani | Azula Charlotte "Zuzu" | Neve Ariana


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    DS/DD: Milo Sean & Avery Lilou
    (I couldn't decide)
    DS: Henry Jackson
    DS/DD: Arlo Brooks & Calla Renee
    DS: William Matthew
    DS: Malachi Wayne
    DD/DD: Simone Madeleine & Evelyn Cecile
    Momma to little Theodore Jack (7/2/14), and Everett William & Nora Elizabeth (12/29/15).

    Wesley James, Samuel Edward, Landon Jace, Declan Levi, Blaise Elliot, Elias John, Everett William, Tobias Benjamin, Dominic Eli
    Faith Elizabeth, Clara Rose, Elena Harper, Maisie Eloise, Margo Elizabeth, Nora Cadence, Lydia Diane, Aurora Blair, Amelia Rose

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    I would rather have a few small speed bumps slow me down,
    causing me to spill my coffee on my dress,
    than ever hand someone else the keys to my life.
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    Alicia Cook

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    22. One Direction. Doctor Who. Sherlock. Supernatural. Name lover.

    Young Ladies (Not all): Adelisa, Oriana, Clover, Victoria, Georgina, Amelia, Genevieve, Jemima, Edith, Adelaide, Eleanor, Ottilie, Henrietta, River, Clara, Francesca

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