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    Thanks for the replies. May I ask why you don't like Gino? Gino and JB are my top boy's names. Nora and Josephine are my top girls names.

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    JB (Jacob Byron) - Like it. Love initial nns.
    Gino- I like it as Gino.
    Kian- NMS
    Gale - Love it. Very handsome.
    Keegan - NMS
    Teagan - NMS
    Cobalt- NMS. Too harsh.
    Asher - Love it.
    Gavin - Like it.
    Luke - Love it.
    Samuel - Love it.

    Mattie (Martha) - Like it.
    Naomi - Love it.
    Tessa - Eh.
    Nora - Love it.
    Aspen - NMS
    Addie-I would suggest Adelaide or Adeline with a nn Addie. It would give her more options.
    Josephine - Love it.
    Victoria - Like it.
    Tacy- I think it could get mistake for Tracy or Stacy a lot.
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    JB (probably to stand for Jacob Byron or something similar) - I like Byron... not a fan of using initials as a NN though.
    Gino - When I first saw it, I pronounced it as "gyno" as in "gynecologist."
    Kian - NMS at all. It sounds kind of made up to me.
    Gale - I know it's a male character from Hunger Games but it's a girl's name to me.
    Keegan - It's just okay.
    Teagan - I've only ever heard of female Tegan/Teagan's so I honestly can't picture a boy with that name.
    Cobalt (nn Coby) - I like this one. Definitely more of a fan of Coby than Cobalt though.
    Asher - My fave from your list. I love this name.
    Gavin - Absolutely love this one too. Strong and masculine.
    Luke - It's just okay to me. How about Luca?
    Samuel - NMS but a classic nevertheless.

    Mattie (nn for Martha) - Martha reminds me of Martha Stewart so I don't rate this one too highly. She just has a cold personality. I love Mattie as a NN for Matilda though.
    Naomi - It's okay.
    Tessa - Not a fan of this name at all.
    Nora - I love this one.
    Aspen - NMS. It's a city to me.
    Addie - As suggested by PP's, I would use Addie as a NN for something like Adele, Adelaide, or Adeline.
    Josephine - I think it's a cute name. NMS but definitely cute and has great NN potential (Josie or even Joey, if she's a tomboy).
    Victoria - I love this one, too. Classic and elegant.
    Tacy - A PP said it best: "I think it could get mistake for Tracy or Stacy a lot."
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    Thank you berries! Any suggestions of names similar to my liking?

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